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Israel approves new settlements in the West Bank only weeks after halting similar project

25.11.2013 22:56

Israel’s Defense Ministry announced on Monday that the construction of 800 additional settler homes in the occupied West Bank territory had been given the go-ahead, invoking swift criticism from parties involved in the peace process with the Palestinians.

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Mike Martin 27.11.2013 07:32

This is Israels right wing leadership having a temper tantrum because they're not getting theyre way once again.Get used to it Israel.This isnt antisemitic- this is the world getting tired of Israel acting rash when things dont go theyre way.I also think its time we address cutting funds for foreign aid.Much of this foreign aid has hinged on Israel acting in good faith on supporting a peaceful resolution to the Palestian conflict without new settlements.Israel has no right to voice in this matter when they themselves hide theyre own nuclear nightmare that could wipe out the Middle East.


Michael Lipelis 26.11.2013 14:56

Since when is it a crime for a government to build low income housing for the poor in the middle of the desert. What has ur government done for u latetly . Given u money blow up children and elderly , stab people? Store weapons ,l. Kill or be killed is the arab eduaction.


Ashley Harty 26.11.2013 10:43

words cannot describe my hatred for Israel... if ever a nation deserved to be destroyed it's this one.


fran7 26.11.2013 08:25

This is yet more warmongering and mischief by Israel who are greedy for land and want to promote their insular society which flies in the face of EU equal opportunities for all. Israel can help stabilize the region by becoming part of Palestine which is what it was before the 2nd World War.


Donald T.M. 26.11.2013 03:29

By approving more settlements, it´s pretty much clearer tht Israel is the troublemaker in the ME.

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