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Israel stockpiled chemical weapons decades ago – CIA document

11.09.2013 12:39

Israel is believed to have secretly built up its own stockpile of chemical and biological weapons decades ago, reports Foreign Policy, citing a recently unearthed CIA document.

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André De Koning 16.09.2013 02:59

Since the 60's and 70's but also in the 90's Israel was still stockpiling chemical weapons. See here what happened in Amsterdam in 1992 on youtube: follow accident El Al plane Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam.


Theodore Hustabol 13.09.2013 21:56

Good for Israel. I look forward to Russia, Turkey, and Iran all coming together to attack Israel. That's gonna be quite the show.
Yeah, I am a Zionist and yes, Israel won't have to lift a finger while Russia, Turkey, and Iran all get their posteriors handed back to them on a silver platter.


US'ian 12.09.2013 15:33

Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons, but we mustn't discuss them, so why not stockpiles of chemical weapons. They get raw data from NSA and billions from US taxpayers plus donations are deductible as if Israel is classed as a charity. The list of most favored treatment is long and also includes foreign policy being dictated by Tel Aviv. Politicians must kowtow, or face being unelected. The seven countries targeted for regime change were picked there and there is ample evidence that 9/11 was authored by Mossad. The wars following have run up the debt in $trillions. With friends like that, who needs enemies?


Akeel Abbas Naqvi 12.09.2013 15:00

So..... when is Obama attacking Israel??


Colin Shorey 12.09.2013 11:05

If this lot gets out we will all have to watch which way the wind blows.Looks like it is on its way,a missile cannot shoot this one down.


Nick White 12.09.2013 09:01

isaiah Rodriguez 12.09.2013 00:14

First of all, Isreal isn't controlled by arabs. They are smarter and more efficent. They are not about to use those weapons. You think they want to end up like those muslums? Nope, Isreal is civilized. You dont see Isrealies killing eachother.


Th e only reason to possess chemical weapons is to use them. Why would you stockpile something that you would never use? That would be craziness.


Norberto Triemstra 12.09.2013 04:55

Well, I did not know positively but is a given....

I d know that they have biological weapons and they use them freely even in "friendly" countries though...

E ven history refers to a battle in Biblical times the Jews fighting the Hittites used bio-weapons that backfired to them....

No w, the important thing is these weapons and the nuclear ones as well in the hands of ISRAEL MUST BE PART of a COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAM within the Syrian solution, military PARITY nor DISPARITY is the KEY for a STABLE peace in the Middle East.


Common Ali 12.09.2013 03:45

Israel can arm herself "to the teeth"; while Iran is "grilled" every six months. Israel has Attacked many countries in the middle east, and is forcefully occupying/usurping the Palestinian lands; while Iran was attacked by the lackey of US, Iraq & Gulf Arabs. BTW, who supplied the nuclear material to Israel to build nuclear bombs.


MonsantoGoingDown 12.09.2013 03:30

Yeah, but the difference between Israel and these other dumbass Arab countries it that Israel doesn't go shooting them off whenever they feel like it. That's called restraint (or using your frontal lobe, for those who have one).


kc 12.09.2013 02:22

If US is so concern with weapon of mass destruction , US should strike Isreal .

How is it we dont hear obama concern about isreal?

Why the double standard .


Roland Lawrence 11.09.2013 23:45

Well according to chemical weapons conventions surely the use by Israel a few years back of phosphorus rockets against some unlucky people counts as "chemical attack" ? Seeing as phosphorous is classified in the 1991 treaty? Anyway getting killed is pretty fatal and I cant see the "honour" or difference in getting hacked to bits, shot, blown up or melted to death by chemicals. Russia now has boots on the ground in Syria and anyone trying to level the place while they are there is pretty silly.


Rodrigo Breno Guimarães 11.09.2013 22:32

carol 11.09.2013 22:24

RT bashing isreal today??!!! Hardly. Just a well done article showing isreal likely has a gread deal of these horriffic chemical weapons. The UN now must isolate isreal, with a blockade till they yield their atomic and deadly chemical devices. What goes for one country goes for all. Russia must lead in demanding the disarmament of isreals weapons of mass destruction.


then take the weapons of mass destruction the Russians and Americans too!


rt-themonk 11.09.2013 22:07

Excellent rational discussion and not the usual hate mongering. As another pointed out, this is one of three stories in RT bashing Israel today. If this not an agenda, I don't know what is. I read RT to get a certain perspective on world news. The same with Fox News. Somewhere in between lies the truth. However, it is the comments I read to the stories where the real truth lies. If the stories engender comments fueling hatred, conspiracy theories or out right lies, is the story used to support an agenda or give another view???


Karel Aiki 11.09.2013 22:04

Nobody gonna do anything about that look at their nukes. One day it will backfire and they'll be crying again like in ww2


Rodrigo Breno Guimarães 11.09.2013 21:50

You are horrendous, you support American intelligence against Israel, but when it interferes with their allies Assad as you say that are liars and everything else, I'm tired of being fooled by the media, and even more with this bunch of people who THINK not self are handled.

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