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Israel uses deadly weapons on unarmed Palestinian protesters - watchdog

28.01.2013 09:32

Israel is using lethal force on unarmed Palestinian protesters in the West Bank, according to the latest report by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem. It says 56 people were killed in the clashes, with an average age of 18.

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alxspam xxx 06.04.2014 09:19

shut up!they right to be like that!wish some asteroid fall on Israeli!and no more Israeli!so bad that gitler didn't finished them!

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 23:22

Violence does not build anything of lasting value. Humans should learn to restrain themselves.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 23:21

Violent people are not interested in college education for the population.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 23:20

Violent people do not create jobs.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 23:13

Why so much hate? Hate lead to death and destruction. Is there a better alternative?

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