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Spy-Butterfly: Israel developing insect drone for indoor surveillance

19.05.2012 15:37

The future is here and this is not a butterfly on your wall, as Israeli drones are getting tiny. Their latest project – a butterfly-shaped drone weighing just 20 grams - the smallest in its range so far – can gather intelligence inside buildings.

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JuanR 10.05.2014 06:12

Israel's drones technology


mergon 31.01.2014 13:16

And then there was a plague of locusts ,oh then they found that just the Jews spying again !


Radha Santadharma 17.01.2014 02:33

When you have secrets to hide, even when someone dedicated to fulfilling his obligations to the law in the US is deemed a traitor, the State will make damned sure to err on the side of caution.

Th at's healthy paranoia when the KGB sleeper agents keep waking up now and then.

Howev er, Snowden's leaks have never lost the US a single asset.

The USgov getting a UK newspaper to delete the Snowden files means that Russia has a lot of information to make use of.

As for this tiny spy drone, it can only gather intelligence.

Anonymous user 21.04.2013 08:02

Where do they have the technology from ? :-))

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