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‘Don’t be deluded’: Israeli PM flies in face of intl welcome for Iran's new dawn

16.06.2013 16:11

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged the international community not to ease pressure on Iran in order to curb its nuclear program. This comes in contrast with the international welcome to the election of a new president, Hassan Rouhani.

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Jennifer Holiday 14.08.2013 19:32

There was no holocaust because I didn't see Hitler go to the Middle East and kill anybody. He killed the sneaky, greedy, hook nose rats that were infestating Germany. Exterminations seems right for getting rid of unwanted rats.


Jennifer Holiday 14.08.2013 19:19

Every zionist PM always talks with such consuming hatred, which you can see by the grinding of their teeth and roaring grunt in their throat when they speak/lie like a wild, vicious, blood-thristy animal. And whenever a zionist talks, it is always with an aggressive and argumentative tone, as they try to out talk you with unfounded allegations, blatant lies, and greediness.


Jennifer Holiday 14.08.2013 19:12

A real Christian does not follow after zionists israelis, which are haters of Jesus Christ--the foundation of Christianity. Only a FALSE CHRISTIAN supports the illegimate occupation and robbing of Hebrew birthrights/HERITAGE , and encroachment of the zionists on Palestinian lands. Everyone who loves the truth realizes that the zionists are frauds, liars, and worshippers of satan, which the book of Revelation clearly expresses. Perhaps that is why the zionists hate the New Testatment/the truth.


Jennifer Holiday 14.08.2013 19:04

Only a zionist would want to turn an offering of peace into chaos and manufactured fears and opportunity to make false allegations against Iran and any other non-zionist state. Iran and other countries only want to use nuclear technology to generate electricity for its infrastructure. Only Netanyahu, a pathological liar and murderer would think Iran would set off a nuclear bomb, which would take-out the whole world. Iran has always been against nuclear weapons. What about the weapons that the zionists Israelis have? Should we trust zionists with military technology, which it has used against unarmed children/civilians


fran7 06.08.2013 07:34

Netanyhau is a warmonger who relies on USA and EU subsidies for his crimes against mankind. The illegal occupied territory shows contempt for international law and order and is causing the death of many innocent people in this region.


gera toutoune 03.08.2013 21:03

It is acceptable to live under the guidance of someone as it is usually the case. But netanyaru seems to be driving the world while he is pathologically insane.


Paulus Bennetticus III 02.08.2013 19:08

Netanyahu is a hypocrite and a violator of human rights - and a sad little mummy's boy. He should be shunned by the international community for his extremism and retarded ideologies and for being the largest single cause of antisemitism in the world. If israel can have nuclear weapons, then so can Iran.


Anthony David 02.08.2013 17:56

People are like... spheres. How the spheres thinks/feels/underst and/relates generates the lines of decision and future. Who the sphere empowers helps the empowered act.

So it is important to control the sphere and who/what/why they empower.
A sphere is like water it self. Infact we are water. Without a leader understanding Mitochondria they do not understand the future or the past.

So the cycles of violence and ignorance continue because the worlds leaders are not infact supposed to be leading.

Th ey are to be thrown out by the masses and peace on earth achieved via food/water/shelter/h ealth/oppertunity for all.


Anthony David 02.08.2013 17:53

Dude, Muslims love Jews. However the people in power do not like each other. Because they do not know the future and the future without the way that is implies a security problem.

So any Muslim that hates a Jew is not a Muslim. Because Muslims know they are the will of god. That being what happens is the will of God including Jews.

Jews don't hate Muslims. Because Jews also believe in God. So naturally all that is, is gods will. Love thy Neighbor. Jews also have "commandments&q uot; that enable world peace.

Both parties have people in power. That seek to continue the security of there way they exist in.

Hence rhetoric.


WorkTogether 17.07.2013 17:37

Netanyahu eat your heart out, your days are numbered as the rogue troublemaker in the Middle East. There is no way you will get away with all the lies you spread about Syria & Iran. One thing only should pervade your corrupt mind: That you are responsible for the deaths of hundred's of thousands & will be responsible for destroying the lives of millions of innocent Israeli's in your own country too. Back off Iran & Syria. A quiet Israel may remain a fair country... or it may become as decimated as those you have destroyed over the years...


WorkTogether 17.07.2013 17:26

Netanyahu should be brought to justice in the Hague for genocide & human rights violations. He is a psychopath lackey of his Zionist masters & as much a danger to the World as these faceless monsters are. Why do westerners continue regard all easterners as unhinged mad fanatics!? When quite frankly the opposite is proving to be true! The world looks upon the US & her Allies today as bloodthirsty warmongers, bent on destroying our planet. All know the US created Al Qaeda & terrorism. Iran is the sane one here. She does not desire war & as a sovereign country, has every right to become a fully fledged nuclear power.

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 04:30

If Iran is going to be a good guy then,who is going to buy arms in arab states?

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 23:28

Iran has the same rights to nuke energy, even nuke weapons as N E other Nation.


dbzwolle 17.06.2013 22:43

The question that needs to be ask, is Iran radical enough to shoot off a nuke?? I don't know, I can't answer this! I think if they did it would be the last thing they did! Let alone America send them to the Stone-Age, but now you get the hebejebes involved, when they clearly said too all governments of earth, NO NUKES, even the malevolent ones say that! I believe that's why America going around trying to stop all these Rouge-nation-states from being stupid, or have you planet taken from you! Your Choice, this includes Israel, your not exempt! Sooner or later, Governments going to have to tell people the truth!!

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 19:33

Get the rid of Israel and this punk then world will be at peace.

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 16:18

This Khazar genetic garbage has nothing to say. Minorities should shut their dirty mouths!

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 13:08

Dosent Bibi look like the Sith Lord from Star Wars!

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