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Israel announces raft of new settlement homes days ahead of Palestinian peace talks

11.08.2013 11:09

The Israeli government has backed the construction of nearly 1,200 new apartments for Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, just three days ahead of scheduled peace talks with Palestinians.

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JAM 12.08.2013 11:05

Its nothing to do with being Jewish or Muslim, simply-one state thinks it can bully another and steal land. Im not anti-semitic, I'm anti-state-terrorism , I'm anti-pre-emptive-def ence, I'm anti-Israeli-Governm ent. Most of all, I'm anti-death, and the current situation means the poor state of living and death of millions of Palestinians. Gaza is a concentration camp set up and administered by Israel so they can keep the Palestinians rounded while they steal more land. Not acceptable. The UN is a democratic failure and a joke for allowing this to happen...


Piere 12.08.2013 10:55

It is very sad what is happening in Palestine. I hope there will be peace in future in the country STILL called PALESTINE.
Becau se it is written, that there will be peace there for the Palestinians in the country called Palestine.
Every one else are just visitors play Jenga, their construction will come down like the game Jenga, and this is exactly what it is a game by the Oppressors.
O Sons of Israel, of which of the lord's evidence do you deny!?! He is all seeing, all knowing of what you used to do.


Brian Gitau 12.08.2013 10:00

A game of brinkmanship where one state is vastly superior to the other, illegally bullying and occupying land. Maybe they hope for a falsified or exaggerated pretense to completely take over.


Matias 12.08.2013 06:20

ed 12.08.2013 02:49

Year by year Israel gets stronger, and the Arabs of the Middle East grow weaker. They have no military, most have no economy, and they spend as much time killing each other as they do trying to kill Jews. Actually, the wise bet is that there will never be peace - just a strong, well-armed Israel that gains security through the bayonet!


yo u are trash, just as the trash you post.


Matias 12.08.2013 06:19

ed 12.08.2013 02:41

The longer Palestinians go on killing Jews instead of seriously talking peace, the more land they will lose - forever! Israel will never turn those beautiful homes over to Arabs who would just trash them anyway - like they did in Gaza. So let the Palestinians get serious about negotiating ... before they lose the entire WB to Israel.


you do know right its the other way around, that the Jews are murdering innocent palestinians.


Matias 12.08.2013 06:18

ed 12.08.2013 02:43

Two States for two peoples. The Palestinians will never destroy Israel, so I think it's time for them to negotiate IN GOOD FAITH before all the land is gone forever!


ar e you here again? dont you have something better to do as get a stroke?


sandra 12.08.2013 04:47

When will Iran wipe fake Israel off the map so the Palestinian owners can go back home? The world is with the Palestinian people. Only the Jews somehow feel they are entitled to any land they want. What's right is right and the Jews need to find another place to live, period. Take over England or Germany and see how they like being pushed out of their country. Yea, England the next Jewish land of plenty.


Lingam 12.08.2013 02:35

Bullish for need to crank up the air conditioning at the talks. And serve caffeine-free coffee. ;-)


hawaiiguy 11.08.2013 22:04

The only sensible thing is to make sure no Israeli leaves the negotiations.


Linkdead 11.08.2013 22:00

I'm really getting fed up with the Israelis ..


Ed Camilo 11.08.2013 21:57

How much more provocation and humiliation can the Palestinians put up with? What ever happened to those missiles Hamas was building or built and even launched against Israel? or, was that just a propaganda stunt to boost the sale of "Patriot (anti) Missiles".
The Palestinians are lagging behind. they should pray less and fight more!


Riwen 11.08.2013 21:40

You know what's funny: Jews are actually surprised why the whole world hates them...


Faysal Zubaydi 11.08.2013 21:13

John Szczes 11.08.2013 20:55

No matter what you say, the Jewish community was never deserving of what atrocities were done to them.

Also, why does every news story about Israel lead to comments about the Holocaust? It is irrelevant.


its quite ironic that you say that the Holocaust is irrelevant, but if i wasn't wrong that was the main reason the Belfour declaration was drafted in the first place that gave Jews the right to occupy Palestine isn't it? a government expert only in treason and political manipulation and racial oppression.


Ruth Blackburn 11.08.2013 21:11

Why don't we mind our own business for a change because guess what our own country, our economy, our freedoms, our way of life are in jeopardy. Stop all foreign aid. Pull our military out. Let countries manage their own. We do not have the moral high ground to Bethesda world's leaders much less to dictate the policies of other countries. The best thing the U. S. could do for the world is to STOP TRYING TO CONTROL IT!


Richard Lis 11.08.2013 21:02

I don't understand why the Jews look so negatively upon the holocaust. Have you ever seen a bris/ circumcision? Listen to that baby scream. They've always been performing a form of the "holocaust" ; onto themselves.


John Szczes 11.08.2013 20:55

nagyelme 11.08.2013 19:13

Jews brought upon themselves the Holocaust and all the hatred that has been built up against them.


No matter what you say, the Jewish community was never deserving of what atrocities were done to them.

Also, why does every news story about Israel lead to comments about the Holocaust? It is irrelevant.


sharon jarvis 11.08.2013 19:51

The world is not only run by morons, it's full of morons like the three commenters before me. Hitler killed 6 million unarmed Jews (men, women, children, babies). Israel gets attacked in several wars, kills thousands of armed Arabs, most of them men, and somehow that's worse? Meanwhile, there's something like 27 Muslim countries, and you think we need one more dedicated to killing not only non-Muslims but any Muslim not of the "correct" sect.


Shawn Andowa 11.08.2013 19:44

well this hatred of the jews is bringing about bible prophecy to the letter.In zechariah the bible says GOD is going to bring all the nations against Jerusalem for their destruction.The Jews are definitely an arrogant people but they are also Gods chosen people.God is bringing the nations toward Jerusalem as we speak for their total destruction,and at the same time Israel is going to be made to admit to God that Jesus was their messiah.All that is happening is GOD is fulfilling his plan in the Jews lives.The destruction of the nations is only a tool to bring Israel to its redeemer,nothing more,nothing less.


Zash Ana 11.08.2013 18:51

this is how jews say "we are making PAINFUL compromises" so peace can be achieved.. man, don't you just love jews when you hear of such sacrifice.. this people are just great, so much they sacrifice to get to peace yet palestinians fight them and don't respect them, jews take and take more and more palestinian land do such big huge sacrifice for peace efforts yet palestinians just don't seem to really like peace.. huh, who would have know it?.. -sarc off!

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