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Israel has 80 nukes, can about triple inventory – report

16.09.2013 01:59

Israel has never confirmed or denied possession of nuclear weapons, but according to new report by US experts it has at least 80 operative warheads and has enough material to produce up to 190 more.

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David 27.11.2013 02:05

For some reason Saudi Arabia isn't the least bit worried about the Jews having nukes. Persians, however, are a different story and pose a tremendous threat to everyone in that region. Israel has had nukes since they bought yellow cake from Argentina back in the 60s - 50 years they've had nukes and never used them. No one is scared of Israel or thinks they will nuke them. - If Iran gets nukes however, we will see the entire middle east nuke-up out of fear. That's the real truth.


David John du Toit 22.09.2013 16:03

more on the 'Samson option'


Danny Hunt 20.09.2013 15:55

Israel does not wish to live in peace with its neighbours. Israel, contrary the the conventions it is signatory to, Israel keeps taking more and more land. This is illegal, of course. But its backed by fools in other nations.


Danny Hunt 20.09.2013 15:51

Netanyahu - the Invader - Oh, we have to defend ourselves. Yes, with nukes and chemical weapons and the Samson Option.

Israel threatens our whole world!

en.w mson_Option


Adrian Waller 17.09.2013 19:02

@Alex Bekker - Google Mordechai Vanunu an Israeli hero who blew the whistle on Israel's nuke program. What of the relationship with South Africa - Pelindaba- nice documents. see Weiss_vela_presentat ion_12.10.12.pdf How appropriate that the apartheid states worked in partnership. Your propaganda script is see through & your poor English and talking points along with the veiled threat at the end give away your position. The foreign ministry should ask for their money back.


Nick White 17.09.2013 14:45

Dan Hughes 17.09.2013 12:37

Israel just wants to live in peace.The Arabs have tried many times with the help of Russia to push them into the sea.


Unfortunately, you can't simply invade and occupy someone elses land, and then claim you just want to live in peace. The two are mutually exclusive.


Alex Bekker 17.09.2013 14:04

All countries, that have nuclear warheads do nuclear testing.
Israel never done that.
So, it is not absolutely clear ,if Israel has these warheads, or doesn't and it is just a scare for arabs to avoid total annihilation of the country.
Until there are countries in the region that don't recognize Israel and call for its destruction - anything is fair.
So, dear arabs, you tried to push Israel into the sea, you failed, you just can sit now and do not try this again.
Israel doesn't have nuclear weapons, but if needed - you'll find out.


Dan Hughes 17.09.2013 12:37

Israel just wants to live in peace.The Arabs have tried many times with the help of Russia to push them into the sea.All failed and you can find thousands of burnt out Soviet tanks in Sinai and Golan Heights


Loki 17.09.2013 12:27

Israel has crossed the RED line already! who is going to stop them now?

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