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Land Day in Israel: Burning tires, stones and tear gas as Palestinians clash with IDF

30.03.2013 10:14

A Land Day anniversary march in Israel has been dispersed by the IDF, who fired tear gas grenades after Palestinian protesters started to burn tires near the Qalandia checkpoint between Jerusalem and Ramallah.

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Elvin Tarud 27.12.2013 00:11

Judea & Samaria are not "Palestinian territories". This is a dispute area, which the international community assigned to the Jews in 1921.

Anonymous user 29.04.2013 04:20

Free Palestine!

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 05:47

what's wrong with you people?


Steven R. 02.04.2013 22:06

Israel looms large because it plays a crucial role for the U.S. in preserving its control of the Middle East. Israel functions—not as the homeland of Jewish people—but as America's "unsinkable aircraft carrier," as a U.S. official once put it, and the most solidly reliable ally and military outpost in the region. Particularly in this period of upheaval and transition, Iran's rising power and the other changes in the region do have the potential to undermine Israel's position as a Western settler-colonial outpost in the heart of the Middle East.


Moira Richards 31.03.2013 22:36

Anonymous user 30.03.2013 16:08

Israel still worships the Golden Calf Their "Gods" words fell on deaf ears They do not know Love


Wasn't it them that was cast in to the wilderness for 40years.


Moira Richards 31.03.2013 22:30

There's a lot of hated on here. Sheep.

Anonymous user 31.03.2013 15:31

Israel is just trying to erase the Palestinians completely

Anonymous user 31.03.2013 08:45

28 countries?everyone hates israhell #1 and its bit-h US of terrorists #2 these are facts americunt

Anonymous user 31.03.2013 08:20

she is extraordinary cool. wau

Anonymous user 31.03.2013 08:02

They're all acting like greek animals.

Anonymous user 31.03.2013 02:57

Koreans are weak people. Eat more dog slant eyes!

Anonymous user 31.03.2013 02:32

koreans the remains of Kubalai army.korea dos'nt reconize lsrael lol

Anonymous user 31.03.2013 02:26

in 28 countries on 29,000 respondents reveals Iran Pakistan, North Korea are the most hated

Anonymous user 31.03.2013 01:18

Why not bomb Wall Street and London saving millions of lives ?

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