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Israel West Bank settlement construction at 7-yr high

11.06.2013 03:58

Israeli settlement construction on the West Bank has accelerated to a seven-year high as Israel and the Palestinians face lingering diplomatic obstacles to peace negotiations.

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Anonymous user 24.07.2013 09:07

Illegal occupation/settlemen ts:Qualities of sociopaths: irrational,liars, pathologic egocentricity..

Anonymous user 24.07.2013 08:52

Israelis, the sociopaths, find it reasonable to negotiate the level of victimization to Palestinians

Anonymous user 23.07.2013 13:59

The talmud cult will have to be removed by West cutting off their welfare money followed by war.

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 15:45

Settlements are illegal why is the world silent?

Anonymous user 17.07.2013 14:02

and i've made note of your deletions and DISCRIMINATION; so have OTHERS commenting and/or reading

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 02:26

Not much for house building are they? We have better Barns for our cattle in Canada than these slums

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 15:10

because of big brother.

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 15:10

your already in violation of international law.
and the only reason nothing is done to you is

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 15:08

That's the plan but slowly? why wait?
just because some one promised this land over 2000 years ago?

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 15:07

Why not just do what the Germany did and exterminate them.
Why are you dragging this out?

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 00:33

"Deputy defense minister: This government will block any two-state deal" Times Of Israel.

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 00:31

Let them build. We will take the lovely houses when we kick them back to where they came from.

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 23:42

Don't get comfy you baby killing land-thieving zionist terrorists.. eviction time is approaching you

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 20:48

I keep saying it time and time again, Hitler was right all along.

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