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Israel to demolish Bedouin village for national-religious Jewish town

11.11.2013 08:36

The Israeli government voted on Sunday to raze a Bedouin-Palestinian village of 500 citizens to clear space for a Jewish town, prompting yet more protests against Israel’s unabated policy of settlement construction.

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Commander 30.11.2013 12:42

Once again, Israel is employing the exact same tactics as Washington used against the North American Indians. In the 1800s, the great Cherokee nation was moved in a similar fashion and with many of the same promises. Of course, the guarantees were broken, and the Cherokee nation is no more.


Lindsey Horst 12.11.2013 09:40

Fuzzy, by the way, Poland was an established country at the time. Palestine is NOT an established country. Get your facts and thoughts straight. I don't understand how people can straight up ignore facts.


Lindsey Horst 12.11.2013 09:38

Fuzzy, the Negev is NOT occupied territory, it is NOT part of the West Bank.


American Zionist 12.11.2013 00:26

I'm surprised anti-Israel people haven't started to criticize something they would say as being "the neglect and cruel treatment of Israel's native Bedouins", considering the condition the Bedouins are in.


American Zionist 12.11.2013 00:19

@fuzzywzhe The key difference you're overlooking is the Polish citizens you speak weren't German citizens, yet the Bedouins have only Israeli citizenship.

How is HaNegev, the land included in the partition of British Mandate of Palestine, an occupied territory of Israel?

Another thing that all articles fail to include is that most, if not all, of these "houses" Israel is dismantling have no electricity or running water. The Bedouins are in a country that is a world leader in multiple things, yet uneducation, extremely high TFRs, poverty, and crime plague the population of Bedouins.


fuzzywzhe 11.11.2013 21:34

Lindsey Horst 11.11.2013 20:42

It's shocking to see people's comments on here. So many of you are deluded into thinking that because you're using the term "Israelis" and not "Jews" that you won't sound like Hitler.


I would like to point out that Nazi Germany destroyed towns in Poland to make way for German settlement, and forcibly removed residents in that time.

This is why it's against international law to remove residents of occupied territories.

It's Israel that sounds like the Nazis today, at least to anybody familiar with the crimes of the Nazi regime and lots of us are.


Lindsey Horst 11.11.2013 20:42

It's shocking to see people's comments on here. So many of you are deluded into thinking that because you're using the term "Israelis" and not "Jews" that you won't sound like Hitler. 76% of Israelis are Jews. If you read these comments and replace Israelis with Jews, they are of the same hatred and ignorance of the nazis. There are some cold and evil people posting on here. You can all band together in hate, but there always comes a time when those who came together in the name of hate turn on each other.


Lindsey Horst 11.11.2013 20:34

Umm, the Negev isn't even in the West Bank, so this isn't even a case of "settlements&qu ot; and Bedouin villages don't have 500 people living in them. They are usually a trailer park looking thing of only a handful of families, sometimes with a solar powered TV glowing inside. They have been living tax and rent free all this time. its not Israel's fault that they got lazy and are no longer nomadic. Rather, this is a case of demonizing Israel and the Jewish people by misleading the public. Journalists have no accountability anymore, nor do they have any integrity. Especially at Reuters.


Smottley Crumpton Chumley 11.11.2013 16:41

Neo-Classical Liberal 11.11.2013 12:44

Israel is a rogue state run by a criminal regime, standing in open defiance of international law and human rights.

NAT O should invade Israel, depose the criminal regime, confiscate the nuclear threat and implement the terms of UN Resolution 181, in full.




D Laurier Beaulieu 11.11.2013 16:19

Please dont blame judaism for zionist crimes. Many native Palestinian jews have been killed or forced into exile by these same zionist colonizers.
Zion ism itself is a christian ideology, tied to christian fundamentalist doomsday cults. It sees jews as mindless "tools of prophecy", rather than as people.

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