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RT crew caught up in tear gas in Istanbul as police crack down on anti-govt protest

27.12.2013 18:27

An RT crew has been caught up in a tear gas attack while reporting on a mass protest rally in Istanbul’s Taksim Square. Police used force against angry crowds, who took to the streets to protest high-level corruption in PM Erdogan’s government.

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David Nakhon 20.01.2014 05:57

WMD, are implying that Israel hating, Anti-Semite Erdogan is somehow, some sort of a Zionist? :) I find that a special kind of twisted logic . . . Do you care to expand on that? :)


bonaventura kasema 28.12.2013 06:43

where is ashton and Mc Cain????


Nathi Sibbs 28.12.2013 06:07

Any fire an Arab brother set against his own brother will burn him as well at last. An Arab Spring as they call it is a self distruction of Arabs. Who win, how does that improve their social standing, how will that gain them respect from those who happen not to be Arabs? That Arab Spring disadvantage their children, destroy their future and make them a laughing stock of the world. So Arabs must stop that Spring and build themselves for all benefit of all Arabs, future generations and their God given diginity.


Rome on the Potomac 28.12.2013 04:31

My only question is- Is this another insurrection started by Obama just like the ones in Libya, Egypt and Syria were?


George Rizk 27.12.2013 22:47

Turkey, just like most Muslim nations, as well as the rest of the world is a victim to Saudi/wahabi petrodollars. Once these rag-heads got rich, they exported crazy Islam to the Muslim nations, and the West. Inching away, and hiding under religious protection, and freedom of expression laws. The end result is violent Islam has flourished and the whole world is hostage to the death cult. Erdogan was defending freedom of speech in Egypt when the Islamists were creating havoc, now, he is getting a dose of his own medicine.


Marclesi 27.12.2013 21:49

fewer reactions than for Ukraine


Pablo Hein Pereira Stolle 27.12.2013 21:04

I have seen an article about the Turkish taking out the CCTV. Not by the public, but by officials, so be carefullthere, i hope the viral warnings on internet will stop a possible intentional shooting. Check that out.Look for cams. If there are none, then get away as far as possible. Warn each other about this!Its totally non logical if they remove them, thy use it to point their strategy out through them.
But maybe is just to protect them from being destroyed. I hope that will be it.


WMD 27.12.2013 20:50

Looks like the zio- nato slave and raging homosexual ERdogan is begining to reap what he helped to sow in Syria. Ahh the circle of karma.


mihaiionutz 27.12.2013 20:38

it is not fair play ,one side has helmets on ,one don't.


Heather Andersen 27.12.2013 19:53

I think the term rubber bullet is being used incorrectly. These are more like paintballs that may be filled with pepper powder. They hurt and burn but "rubber bullets" are different I believe.


UnitedPoliceStatesOfAmerica 27.12.2013 19:22

There's that word TR is using again to describe anyone who disagrees with their governments actions, "anti-governmen t".

Hey RT, it's anti-bad-goverment! Get it straight!


Gary David 27.12.2013 19:11

Three cheers for all the truthtellers,whistle blowers,leakers,jour nalists, and just plain old people who support the truth over secrets and lies. You are the worlds new representation of how the naked apes should act. I salute all of you and wish you luck, health and happiness. The 1% and their minions wish you would shut up. As the worst reps of the naked ape they belong in the jails they built for you.


Dan Worth 27.12.2013 18:56

This crackdown was approved by the IMF just like the IMF approved crackdown in Thailand that killed over 90 people. a little while ago. You won't see John McCain standing up for these protesters when the bloodletting begins. He will be too busy arming his mercenary death squadron in Syria and loading bottles with gasoline for the peaceful protesters in Kiev.


Kristyn Kelly 27.12.2013 18:54

You should try selling that rubber bullet on ebay

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