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Italy coalition collapse: Berlusconi's ministers resign leaving govt in chaos

28.09.2013 20:48

Europe’s third largest economy has slipped into chaos after the Italian center-right coalition, headed by Silvio Berlusconi has pulled out from Prime Minister Enrico Letta’s government after five months of trembling coalition rule.

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Gyanendra 19.10.2013 22:54

Napolitani is a mason and Berlusconi pays for friendship with Mr.Putin, and bussiness ENEL GAZPROM, it doesn't like to american militar complex, Italy needs to be back to lira currency to gain his sovereignity. Death to troika


Agnes Maria 30.09.2013 17:49

Before your love for your main man must come your love for your duty and your love for the State. To threaten to resign if one man is not allowed on the Senate is weak. I am not impressed.


Agnes Maria 30.09.2013 17:46

For shame. Abandoning their posts and duties over petty matters that could be resolved without such immature action. Mr. Napolitano makes an excellent point, and basically says whatever else I wanted to say regarding this matter.


Art Carvajal 29.09.2013 18:03

Italy alawys been in chaos so what is new??


Tony 29.09.2013 14:35

@Zobel - "...get rid of Euro..."? Yea, the Italian Lira was doing great. 1 US dollar equated to ~1400 Lira. Wow, that will work. Are you kidding?


Zobel Amar 29.09.2013 08:10

We must get rid of €uro as soon as possible , this curency only had carried sh.t..........


Nathan Lyall 29.09.2013 07:46

At deputy, Angela Merkel, whilst having done a good job, is a member of a right wing part. Barack Obama on the other hand heads a more left wing party. Just saying.....


Rhett Carillo 29.09.2013 04:59

Do what Iceland did and you will be fine.


Enrique 29.09.2013 02:24

Italy can learn from Germany, and be ruled by a Great Coaltion. That would solve any problem, as far as socialists accept economic reforms.


AnonymousDeputy 29.09.2013 01:03

Germany and USA are working together to control the world. Better get ready the socialist Nazi Marxist have won majority power and soon you,,,


Palmer Eldrich 29.09.2013 00:48

ha ha and of course if there is an election the 5 star movement won't get any seats becasue the TV and Mainstream media hasn't spoken about them since the last time elections were on the table , so oh well i guess they don't exsit anymore right? ha ha. oh wait....


Theodoros Roumeliotis 28.09.2013 23:18

"Italy is faced with a 2-trillion-euro public debt and youth unemployment of some 40 percent." And this is the *third* largest European Economy? Europe is doomed...


Crusader2010 28.09.2013 23:12

"we need continuity of the government's actions, decisions and its measures to resolve the problems of this country," Sounds like someone who wants control not consensus to me.


groingo 28.09.2013 22:18

The sooner Berlusconi is out of the picture FOR GOOD, the better off Italy will be, just don't send him to the US, we have enough problems with the Obama!


SourceKnown! 28.09.2013 22:17

I for one would like to see these individuals who have a great deal of power, influence and ability, do something to help the people of Italy and the rest of the world.

I do have to wonder how much good Silvio Berlusconi could do, if he simply set up a council and decided to lead people directly.

I s it really essential to be involved so deeply with politics? when you could be lifting people up! out of the global sh! temare! so many are trapped in?

Seems like such a waste of so much talent and resources, for so little return. Saying that! who am I to suggest changing the game all together?

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