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'Pitchfork' protesters clash with police as Italy hit by week of anti-austerity rallies

14.12.2013 18:23

Protesters in several Italian cities have clashed with police amid anti-austerity protests which have lasted for almost one week. The so-called “Pitchfork” protesters are marching against cuts and calling for the government to resign.

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Michele Tucci 08.01.2014 01:40

Wait till the Republican Fascist Party joins in its really going to get ugly. And y r the cops trying to stop them they don't get paid well they should help the protestors


S Sas 19.12.2013 20:27

How come the American "press" doesn't mention any of this? I found out thru a brief comment in Drudge and then went in searching for the subject. If it wasn't for the internet I will live in a dark cave with my head covered by a brown paperbag! I guess our newspapers are to busy telling about the Kardashians Christmas party...


Julane Jazzique 17.12.2013 12:12

Just found out about a Chinese prison work camp outside Firenze . The Italian government has allowed the Chinese to set this up. Chinese slaves. Locked in. Chained to work stations, so they can put a. Made in Italy label on things
I can not believe in just a few years, how much made in China has been allowed
It has ruined The USA, glad to hear about the protest here. The USA is too apathetic, and too many on Welfare to give a darn


Angelos Gavriel 16.12.2013 11:34

We don't hear about any of this in the British media, why???


Pete Anderson 15.12.2013 15:44

Stop allowing the Children of Europe to be Brainwashed by the E.U, Marxists and Bankers. We are going to end up in a USSR style hel hole.
The people of Europe need to regain control of their National states before it is too late.


Asu M 15.12.2013 11:32

It's all the years of freeloading on the system that's causing this everywhere in reap what you sow...nothing is really free.Personal responsibility is the key(meaning every bodied person has to work,not sit at home and collect a free check) and fairness in wages and putting caps on CEO pay in percentage ratios where those ratios stay in track with every worker in that company and caps on bonuses.

Bu t if 50% want free things,they will always catch up with you like we see in Europe and coming soon to the USA.Prepare for the worst economic collapse soon.



Rachel Israel 15.12.2013 07:01

[quote: ACasey "Advanced weapons used against citizenry is ....starting to scare me. electromagnetics with the ability to "influence physiological and psychological traits of living organisms". Its scary. Portable, powerful. Where is this all going?"

Answer: we are approaching "a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation...and at that time...(the) people will be delivered." "The wicked will do wickedly; but the wise will understand...Blessed is he that waits...many shall be purified, made white and tried." "A TIME OF GREAT TRIBULATION" Daniel 12; Matthew 24:21,22. Holy Scriptures


Warwick Robertson 15.12.2013 02:10

the EU is just the same thing as the USSR, failed central planning propped up by big banks sucking the people dry with cripplng debt. the USSR could not pay its debts and collapsed, so will the EU and USA. the socialist/marxist utopia is a complete myth that always fails. Bankers just use it as persuasive idea to enslave the masses to live and easy life only to face massive debts when the bill is due. WAKE UP SHEEPLE


Liam 15.12.2013 00:36

Solidarity From the US. Crush those fascists and Capitalist!


Christopher John Walters 14.12.2013 22:46

The nauseating sight of Leftist FREAKS following their masters script to the letter. They wanted EU they reap what they sow.


Sashka26FW 14.12.2013 22:27

now Putin and Chinese president go to Italy meet with the protestors and demand the italian government STAY AWAY FROM protestors and DO NOT USE FORCE.. also say how disgusting it is that Italian government send the police on them and used TEAR GAS on the innocent italian nation that just wants to be heard! ..

Bunch of eurotrash and usa nazist on the rampage.. that is all..

McCain go to Italy, tell how you want to help the poor people of Italy that are on the streets being beaten by Italian police!

The JIG is up, economic collapse incoming, EU going with US on a WAR rampage against EAST.. this time its NUCLEAR


Joshua 14.12.2013 22:20

Slay the Beasts of this world and drown them into the sea of people.

I shall ot lift my fist, but I shall destroy them with Truth.

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