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Italian girl ‘sexually assaulted’ riot cop with a kiss

15.12.2013 06:28

An Italian student protester may end up in court after a photograph of her kissing a riot police officer started making the rounds and became hailed as a symbol of peaceful protest. She may now face sexual assault charges.

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Michael Almoznino 27.03.2014 03:48

if I was the riot officer I would lift up the visor and start making out with this cutie, so big deal they will fire me
at least a love story might come out of it


1984 26.03.2014 19:38

Only in western 'democracy'


Bob Mackenzie 01.01.2014 20:29

I don't see a sexual assault here. She did not touch his person in anyway. If her lips had touched his cheek, mouth, ear even his hand you might consider it a sexual assault. She kissed and licked his visor. You might able to consider this as a simple assault the same as if she slapped him on the visor. The devil is in the details here for sure.


Christopher Norton 29.12.2013 15:24

Im sorry to disappoint fellow believers of equality who I totally agree with, but she forced-kissed and licked the officers visor, not his lips or face.. I guess the most she can be charged with, is smearing his visor with saliva. It would be just like kissing a window of a car with the driver inside, the principle is just the same IMO. :)


Shiggy Diggy 27.12.2013 23:19

i'm sorry but this woman is violating this man's civil rights and marginalizing him as a man. women fought for equality and this is the result. she should be imprisoned.


Lite Bright 22.12.2013 07:30

Weird that the comments I'm reading that are defending her are from males. Men have a role in this too. Many have their masculinity to protect and fear they'd look less of a man for rejecting sex or a kiss from a "hot girl". This isn't the work of "evvvil feminists" or women. Every gender plays a role in change.


Anar Chist 18.12.2013 00:59

He looks like he enjoyed it either way.


Steven Beene 16.12.2013 22:57

It's very simple: Real equality is not getting what you want - it's a single standard that means sometimes you might have to check your female privilege at the door.

Real equality means that what is a benefit for you, I get to benefit from too. A service you get, I can get. And a PENALTY a man would get, you get too.

Welcom e to equality.


Murilo Antonio 16.12.2013 20:41

Feminists Humanists tried for so long to prove that women have so much sexual drives and fetish instincts as men, so, when this happens, we cannot forgive her pressuposing that it is just love and care. I mean, if feminists want to be coherent...


Lisko 16.12.2013 20:31

See UT vid - The Post-feminism Man for an intro by Barbarossa a great spokesman for the raising of male consciousness in the wake of feminist hypocracy which has tortured men for far too long.


Lisko 16.12.2013 20:06

Jock Doubleday 16.12.2013 19:10

Whatever the motive for kissing a Rothschild thug's helmet, i think kissing is an incredibly powerful gesture which forces the aggressors to rethink their default position of terror and violence.


By her comments it is likely she would have gutted him in a micro second if she thought no one was looking. If I tried this on a female cop here in Nevada I'd be on life support if lucky enough to live. Interesting comments. The manginas and female sexists one one side and those who understand what gender equality truly means.


Richard North 16.12.2013 20:04

It's not about what we "think" the officer was feeling. It's about the law and consent.

Ag ain, if a man kissed a female cop without consent, there's no way you'd be thinking "hmm, but maybe she secretly liked it?" "hmmm, look at her face, maybe she enjoyed it, therefore, we should drop charges?" Again, no you wouldn't it. You'd be yelling for the guy the be charged with assault/rape/harassm ent.

Does it have to be spelled out that equality means equality and not making excuses for women every time they have to be treated equally to a man?


Jason 16.12.2013 19:40

@Richard North
That officer does not seem to care, in fact his eyes are closed. If he cared so much he could have resisted her. Or he provokingly allowed this because he knew what would happen to her. It does say that the union is taking action not the guy. I could understand if the guy didn't want it and he did try and stop her. But that is not the case, in a case like this you would examine all aspects and find a true answer. Not this fake cry made by the union.


Jock Doubleday 16.12.2013 19:10

Whatever the motive for kissing a Rothschild thug's helmet, i think kissing is an incredibly powerful gesture which forces the aggressors to rethink their default position of terror and violence.


Richard North 16.12.2013 19:01

We all know that you hypocrites would never allow a man to kiss a female officer without her consent. You'd all be frothing at the mouth yelling "assault" if this were the case.

It's clear that people are not ready to hold women to the same standards as men because it would be too hard for women.

How about we stop objectifying men by denying them the right to personal space from women? Newsflash: men are human too and need their personal space respected. Giving women the right to violate men's personal space and to touch them sexually without consent is sexist, discriminatory, immoral and hypocritical to the nth.


Jason Weishaupt 16.12.2013 17:37

Wow! I want to be a riot cop in Italy now!


Dave 16.12.2013 17:36

Well, she didn't try to do a violent physical or verbal attack nor did she make an unlawful threat or attempt to do bodily injury to another.

Di d she conduct sexual or indecent nature toward another person that is accompanied by actual or threatened physical force or that induces fear, shame, or mental suffering?

I would answer 'no' to all of these things. Unless the cop told her 'no', then she is in the clear.

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