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‘We need money to live’: Thousands protest against Italian PM, austerity measures (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

18.05.2013 15:39

Thousands of people gathered in Rome on Saturday to protest austerity measures and high unemployment. Demonstrators urged Prime Minister Enrico Letta to create jobs in order to pull the country out of recession.

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Gyanendra 19.10.2013 23:02

Yanks go home...the time is running out, and take with you english masons those one of Britannia.

Anonymous user 26.06.2013 23:52

It's called pretend cause they do nothing only steal from others and heard no one does it better

Anonymous user 19.05.2013 10:13

I am just wondering, they have the Vatican over there, why don't they ask the Pope to help!

Anonymous user 19.05.2013 10:01

Time for an Italian Golden Dawn.


Ronnie Matthews Najib Muhammad 18.05.2013 22:06

I don't believe anyone needs money to live.... One just may not be able to live like the wish with no money.... In nature no animal, plant, insect, etc... Needs any money to live...humans are the only ones that believe they need money to live.

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 21:50

They did not want 10 Euros for beer. Fine. I got it now. They should starve. Cheers! Love it


George Muammar 18.05.2013 20:40

Maybe they shouldn't have voted for Berlusconi and associated right wing parties for so many years. Now they're repenting. It is too late.

Peopl e are now beginning to understand that the promise of saving a few Euros on taxes is leading to bankruptcy on a larger scale. Italians have always believed that someone else should pay for their lives (in reference to previous comment, it is not only the socialists and reds that believe that, at least in this country, but a general belief).

It is never too late to learn, but its too late to save the economy here.

@GeoM mm

Anonymous user 18.05.2013 19:55

Sooner or later socialists and reds will have to realize that other peoples money only goes so far.

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