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Cash-for-Castles: Italy sells off historic sites to plug budget holes

13.10.2013 14:39

A Grand Inquisitor’s villa, a Pope’s fort and a Venetian island will be sold off to fill Italy’s depleted state coffers, local media reports. It’s hoped the 50 historic sites will raise 500 million euros needed to obey strict EU austerity rules.

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Christopher Le Gallez 14.10.2013 09:36

Kermit Frazier 13.10.2013 22:51

Hey! That might even work in the USA!

Washin gton Monument - Lincoln's Tomb - Arlington Nat'l Golf Course - Grand Canyon - Jellystone Park - Mount Rushmore - Brooklyn Bridge - Golden Gate

Tou forgot The Whitehouse, The Pentagon, Area 51, Langley, etc

Lots of Valuable Real Assets Here - Many Very Interested Buyers from China - Russia - Iran



Zack Baus 13.10.2013 18:17

Now's my chance! I wonder if they are selling Proveilga.


Joey 13.10.2013 16:48

I wonder why my comments are being deleted. I only wrote one word...



Richard Fienman 13.10.2013 15:40

Now is not a good time to visit Italy or spend your money there. Be especially aware that the local police in popular tourist towns such as Mantova in particular are stopping drivers who are not locals and finding "problems" with their licenses, auto documents, insurance papers, etc. and fining them huge amounts, in excess of 1,000 euros typically. Even if everything is perfect you will be lucky to avoid at least a 400 euro fine for not having a certified copy in Italian of your drivers license. This sort of petty corruption was pretty much eliminated for a decade but has now returned.


m8kbfwegxg 13.10.2013 15:11

I wouldn't mind owning that Island... given that I can snag it at $5!


Marilyn Gjerdrum 13.10.2013 14:57

Another way to steal public treasures at pennies on the dollars and give them to the greedy guts, the same swine who caused the economic collapse. Italians need to unite, and stop this raping and pillaging of their national treasures by the greedy bankers.
This is an outrage.

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