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Son of a gun: Kalashnikov manufacturer tests new bullpup sniper rifle

06.05.2013 14:56

The Izhmash gun plant has presented its new sniper rifle VS-121 designed in a bullpup configuration. Based on the classic Dragunov model and upgraded with modern design features, it is to become a ‘principally new’ Russian-made sniper rifle.

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Anonymous user 10.07.2013 12:15

The SVD needed a heavy barrel, this should make it as accurate as an M21 but more compact and handy.

Anonymous user 24.06.2013 03:27

i love Russian people

Anonymous user 13.06.2013 20:07

Soon you can test it personally in Izhevsk Kalashnikov museum )

Anonymous user 22.05.2013 13:59

This is first in the AK line to actually be designed as a Bullpup, rather than retro fitted.

Anonymous user 13.05.2013 23:38

This company sells guns and produce. ;)

Anonymous user 13.05.2013 13:30

How do YOU sleep at night, knowing you and your children are unprotected?

Anonymous user 09.05.2013 13:17

How do people who work in this industry hug their children - the same way US politicians do.

Anonymous user 08.05.2013 14:41

This is only an SVD in bullpup configuration-nothin g significant. The action even looks the same

Anonymous user 08.05.2013 04:39

How do people in our gov sleep at night when they're killing innocent people over seas? Armed guards

Anonymous user 08.05.2013 01:16

I'd ask Jack Kelly why people should be responsible for the misuse of the things they make.

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