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Putin says he will pardon jailed oil tycoon Khodorkovsky shortly

19.12.2013 12:22

Vladimir Putin will sign a pardon for jailed ex-Yukos CEO Mikhail Khodorkovsky “in the nearest time,” the Russian president announced following a large media conference in Moscow.

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Francisco Gonzalez 20.12.2013 04:14

Abramovits, Berezovski, Khodorovski or Putin are always pretending they are human beings and they have feelings. And if they hide their sharp teeth and specially if we forget we could even believe. I almost cry, such a Christian gesture. Only an Orthodox could have done this. I go further, I think even a Greek or a Romanian Orthodox could not have such a good heart. Why do they act this way? Do they think material fortunes cross the threshold of the other side?


Klaus Schmid 19.12.2013 23:05

Putin knows. If he wouldn't have caught this guy "red handed" some years ago and put him away, the Russian oil and gas assets would be owned by the Israeli zionists.


Asclepius 19.12.2013 23:01

Treflip 19.12.2013 21:53

When a billionaire that doesn't deserve to be free gets a free pass from the president you have to wonder, what hope do other prisoners have that don't have the money and the opportunities that this person has... The world is a greedy selfish place.


You're absolutely right, Russia is second only to the USA in the number of lives it slowly tortures to death in it's inhumane prison system. Although I like amnesty and pardons, Putin's pardons are political ones, rather than truly humanitarian. Obama couldn't hold a candle to it though.


Treflip 19.12.2013 21:53

When a billionaire that doesn't deserve to be free gets a free pass from the president you have to wonder, what hope do other prisoners have that don't have the money and the opportunities that this person has. Why not help another on the way and make it much easier? Why not think of the people who are rotting in jail instead of letting free a rich corrupt individual who is only going to f?ck over the country again, money makes the governments think and while we stand aside and look, they kill our profits. The world is a greedy selfish place.


T.W. Ambrose 19.12.2013 21:41

It goes without saying the United States of American would never torture, enslave, harm or murder anyone in this world In a secret prison . (Okay, I'm just kidding), We hire other countries to do that for us. Better?


Nussiminen 19.12.2013 20:58

>> The pardoning of Russia’s most famous prisoner /.../ will improve the investment climate in the country, business representatives believe. The Russian stock market was lifted by the news. >>

On ly too true. And rest assured that the greedy tentacles of George Soros and the West's bankster cabal have received a substantial vitamin boost by also adding the lucky fate of Pu**y Riot and Greenpeace into the "Grand Gesture". Granted, Putin is very intelligent as well as efficient, but this amounts to playing with fire. The West is rotten to the core. Its provocations will only keep escalating unless properly addressed.


SourceKnown! 19.12.2013 20:56

This man had a great amount of power and to a certain extent abused it. However he has great ability and could play a major role in building a better Russia, should he choose to apply his capacity to create change in a productive manner.

Hop efully he will do exactly that!


schmenz 19.12.2013 19:31

Obviously I do not have a full understanding of all the particulars of this case but I must say that my gut reaction is that Mr Putin, whom I very much admire, has possibly made a mistake here. This man, like many others of his ilk, committed robbery against the Russian people, and he is so protected by the barons of International Finance that I have no doubt he would continue his life of avarice and theft once he is released.

I hope I am wrong but I would never, not ever, trust a man like Khodorovsky or anyone like him. I hope Mr Putin has thought this over carefully and not reacted to pressure.


MEJanssen 19.12.2013 17:09

CNN and NPR are all over this today. They bring up the "political prisoner" line, but somehow they keep missing the 2 decisions by the European Court of Human Rights that said Mr. K. deserved to go to jail.

So did Mr. K file a request for pardon, or is he getting out as part of an amnesty? Either way, he has a lucrative future ahead of him on the UK and USA talk show circuit. He will be the darling of all the Russophobic producers out there.


Mahagoni Mackie 19.12.2013 17:04

Now Khodorkovsky has the opportunity to receive pardon from the russian People. The billions worth of former USSR assets he made his "own" fortune with, could possibly be spent as the base for the Ukraininian loan...2 flies with one strike. Respect to Mr. President Putin (or those behind him)!


ian sauders 19.12.2013 16:25

:) Mr. Putin does it again. Yeah, no better political chess player in the world. The blind mice in the West is trying so hard to discredit him...

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