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‘No nukes’: Thousands in Tokyo rally against nuclear power (PHOTOS)

02.06.2013 10:16

Thousands of demonstrators have gathered in Tokyo to protest restarting of nuclear reactors the government is considering.

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Anonymous user 05.06.2013 11:46

Japan government is $7 billion richer on natgas revenues. The protesters are its astroturf.

Anonymous user 03.06.2013 15:05

GO PEOPLE! OCCUPY! Japan, your homeland!


Zach NoCameco Ruiter 03.06.2013 12:41

As an environmentalist, pro-nuclear is not environmental and never will be, it is a false solution to climate change, not just because of the fossil fuels emitted during the uranium fuel cycle but because we can power our future with renewables and energy conservation and retrofitting, don't believe the industry trolls who say nuclear is clean, think radition exposure, Fukushima, and oh yeah bombs and nuclear waste. The claim renewables are more expensive is false; they are suffocated from the market place by billions of subsidies to nuclear, hiding the real cost of nuclear, not including the storage of waste.

Anonymous user 03.06.2013 10:52

I think, the aninuclear activists should pay tenfold electricity bills.

Anonymous user 03.06.2013 09:36

Alasdair Lumsden

You are not an environmentalist.


Alasdair Lumsden 03.06.2013 03:18

As an Environmentalist, I can only come to the conclusion that Nuclear Power is essential if we are to avoid runaway climate change and the acidification of the oceans. I'm pro Wind and Solar, but without significant subsidies, the resultant electricity is 3-6 times more expensive than fossil fuels or nuclear - a price that the market just won't accept. This means that decommissioning Nuclear will just result in far more coal and gas plants, the exact opposite of what we need. We need to be reducing CO2 emissions, not increasing them!

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 22:04

The organizers are saying the number of participants is 60,000.

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 17:47

the smartes peo[ple are the poorest in most true history books that are riddled with lies! I E NATO

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 17:45

For Japan it's a question of what happened by the ocean do they need another sighn?

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 17:40

I am gratful for everything I know all our ambitions dreams and life wiped out with one bad light

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 14:01

13:05 For Japan it's a question of whether to be safe or have the electricity.

Anonymous user 02.06.2013 13:05

If the government feels it's safe have them live in tents around the Fukushima plant for the summer

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