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Hawkish Japan eyes military boost amid island dispute with China

28.11.2013 10:32

An update of Japan’s 10-year defense policy, which will be released next month, includes stronger air and maritime capabilities, which would give it a stronger reach to a group of islands at the heart of the country’s hot territorial dispute with China.

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Netsurfer S 08.01.2014 04:57

[quote name='Nila sizan' time='29.11.2013 18:54']@asensible man..."what an idiotic non de plume..and you have little knowledge of history... Chairman Mao murdered , tortured and killed more people in his reign over China than the Japanese ever did."

I believe your on to something there! Not to mention so many Communist Liberals in America! That is why so many American's continue to buy high power weapons!


Yap Chong Yee 05.12.2013 13:39

Nila sizan's innocent ravings does not deserve a response ! I say to all others that what has been said of this issue is mere western propaganda. Japan needs a strong defence force as do every peace loving nation does; we have no problem with that. If US & the West can justify the existence of an Israel on the rationale that God gave the Jews , as God's chosen people, the land of Palestine 5000 years ago (unsupported by evidence), then why can't China reclaim her ancient lands that were given to the Japan by the USA after 2nd world war ? Diaoyu belonged to China since time immemorial.


Jason Mitchell 01.12.2013 07:20

During Second World War when Japanese imperial army invaded China, they slaughtered 22 million Chinese civilians. In one incidence alone, the Nanking Massacre, 300,000 Chinese were mass murdered and 10,000 women raped by Japanese soldiers.

At the end of Second World War, at the San Francisco Peace Treaty, Japan agreed to return the islands surrounding Taiwan to be returned to China, this included Diaoyu IsIands / Senkaku Islands.


Nila sizan 29.11.2013 18:54

@asensible man...what an idiotic non de plume..and you have little knowledge of history... Chairman Mao murdered , tortured and killed more people in his reign over China than the Japanese ever did. Under Mao almost 100 million Chinese died, including two massive famines which Mao and the crook Diaxioping covered up in the 50/60's.
And what do the dumb Chinese do, raise statues to one of the worlds worst mass murederers. Having worked in China practically every school has a bust of Joseph stalin..this tells you all you need to know about that monstrous country


Field McConnell 29.11.2013 18:39

The Brits know they are totally exposed and now are very nervous. Nervous perverts make mistakes. google [ blatchford + obama + cameron + pelindaba + thatcher + zuma + shale + cook + kelly + pelindaba + mcconnell ] For those 'twitterers' send info/corrections to @fieldmcc


漢陰陽 29.11.2013 04:05

japanese people are peaceful. Shinzo Abe should be hanged by a commission headed by Putin.


Babble 28.11.2013 22:50

Japan would not have to boost their defense budget except for China's pushing its weight around. Who is Hawkish? China.


Proud Atheist 28.11.2013 14:49

logical-american 28.11.2013 14:15
---------- -
No, it is NOT the decision of Japan. The US does not want to leave many of its bases in Japan for obvious reasons.


Justice First 28.11.2013 14:16

Despite the combined strength of Japan and the US, it is not realistic to expect China to back down in this dispute. However it is almost impossible to have a war between the three powers because all three will suffer greatly. They all know the consequences of such a silly war. The US will be the one most interested in a peaceful solution because of historic reasons. The US will be the first to jump out to stop any further deepening of the conflict in case there is a limited fire fight in the waters or in the air.


Proud Atheist 28.11.2013 13:16

I may believe the phrase "Hawkish Japan" if they can one day get their independence from the US.


Crni Hakija 28.11.2013 13:07

This bomber is known, by his engine faliours :D

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