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Fukushima leaking radioactive water for ‘2 years, 300 tons flowing into Pacific daily’

07.08.2013 09:49

The rate at which contaminated water has been pouring into the Pacific Ocean from the disabled Fukushima nuclear plant is worse than thought before, an Industry Ministry official said as PM Shinzo Abe pledged to step up efforts to halt the crisis.

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SCushner 19.08.2013 23:00

this is what they want population control and they world, that is governments do not care how they get it. If it takes killing off know and unknown species all over the planet; they do not care. An example is GMO's right in you face. This is right in your face and some people even think HARRP caused the earthquake in Japan.


Maynard 10.08.2013 05:21

Electical interference transmitting equipment (scaler beam translators) will stop any nuclear reaction. They are not being used. The horrible truth. Scared little order is constructing atificial structures in the earths auric field to keep females suppressed indefinitely. There are ways to reverse this. Women unite! Ref: Beth Goobie.


VanGilder Michael 09.08.2013 04:10

Couldn't a bunch of mortar (dry) be pumped into the affected area and it will harden . As a, tempoary, fix.
Then take the hardened rock and dispose of it, as deemed acceptable. This part could take some time. But the issue of radioactive contamination would be a LOCAL one, as compaired to a global one.
Now, of course, my regular Portland mortar would not be used. But I have heard of concrete that will set underwater. And I think some sort of radioactivity blocking material could be added to the mix. Just a hypothetical LEAD POWDER. Ha, ha, the poison thing though. But there must be something comparable.


Eddie Laidler 09.08.2013 03:43

This is a world wide conspiracy of silence. Because there is so little that can be done nations choose nothing over something. zit's an economic threat that takes precedence over human life. This is world goverment at work in the modern age.


Rani Muller 08.08.2013 23:44

219000 tons of radioactive waste have leaked into our shared Pacific for two years.

Real istically, what can be expected from Tepco except for more lies and denials?

Ho w can this disastrous situation not be Japan's and the Pacific nations' number one priority?

A re we going to wait until children with three heads, six arms and other deformities are being birthed in the region?

Whe n are politicians going to put their ishi-atama and saké drenched brains together to come up with workable solutions and act on them?

If not now, when?


MisterBones 08.08.2013 17:28

Banks will crush bitcoin, they will fight wars to defeat competition.


EYEAM 08.08.2013 15:21

The splitting of Adams was the first sin, this manifestation of splitting of Adoms could be our last?


andrew loyd 08.08.2013 10:32

1000 nuclear reactors worldwide

L ike Chernobyl this was another horrific maintenance negligence. There was collusion.

Coal has already killed 100000s of people where as nuclear?


Яәïgη Мāċk 08.08.2013 07:06

Larry 08.08.2013 05:44

Japan rapes the sea worse than many countries.The sea keeps raping them back worse. If they don't learn their lesson soon, eventually the sea will kill most of them. Don't believe me??? Watch, it wont be later. It will be soon.


yes because the amount of whales you kill = the magnitude of earthquakes that hits your island ... regardless of it being near a major fault-line. idiot.


Rabidsmurf01 08.08.2013 06:55

wonder if someone could shed some light on this dark situation?


Larry 08.08.2013 05:44

Japan rapes the sea worse than many countries.The sea keeps raping them back worse. If they don't learn their lesson soon, eventually the sea will kill most of them. Don't believe me??? Watch, it wont be later. It will be soon.


Les Samuelson 08.08.2013 04:22

it's the era of completely corrupt, power hungry, government at all levels. Lie, cheat, steal, kill, ruin; it doesn't matter, as long as you stay in power.


Organyx 08.08.2013 02:46

The world community is being kept in the dark scientifically about the severity and scope of the radiation leaks because TEPCO and the Japanese government want to save face. The falsehoods and outright lies that we have been told about the status of the reactors and lack of concern for the health of their own citizens is appalling. If they're not going to change course then they need to be threatened financially for the contamination of the oceans and the world food supply. This is not funny at all.


pyrespirit 07.08.2013 23:42

Robert Hitchner 07.08.2013 18:35

Actually Pyrespirit . . .


Yo u can't directly convert becquerels in to rem. The two are incompatible units. (Additionally, the SI unit for radiation exposure is the sievert these days-much more accurate/specific)

Becquerels are solely a rate of occurrence. Rem, and sieverts, are a rate of absorption by biological material, and are dependent upon the type of decay, which becquerels dont tell, the energy of decay, which becquerels dont tell, the penetration of particles, which becquerel dont tell.


Giant Robo 07.08.2013 20:02

Japan is too shy and scared to confront their slavemaster USA. F_kushima was an American designed reactor and filled with American-produced MOX fuel. Basically what happened here was seedy American companies sold Japan faulty goods. Thus Japan should confront USA on this... but they never will as they are USA's slave. USA is liable 100% responsible for F_kushima disaster. Deadbeat USA should be forced to close down one of their many hyper-expensive illegal wars or genocide/depop programs to free up USA's budget to afford paying 100% of containment project costs of F_kushima.


BrusselsLout 07.08.2013 19:32

Doesn't that proposed 60 tons a day sound good! (Boy oh boy.) And even then, they don't reckon it will be easily achievable.

I think the international community should be offering to help. This will soon impact all of us.


milton 07.08.2013 19:23

Why is the entire world not working to stop this environmental holocaust? Because they don't want to, this is all going according to plan.

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