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Hundreds file lawsuit against makers of Fukushima nuclear plant

30.01.2014 11:54

About 1,400 people have filed a joint lawsuit against three companies that manufactured Japan's Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant, saying they should be financially liable for damage caused by its 2011 meltdowns.

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Suzuki Hiroshi 02.02.2014 20:19

Fallout level spiked in Fukushima city (Fukushima city is 60 kilometers away from the Fukushima plant) / Highest reading since 2013 October
January 28th, 2014 Fukushima Diary

Fallo ut level in Fukushima city (Fukushima city is 60 kilometers away from the Fukushima plant) spiked up on 1/26/2014.
The reading was 48.3 million Bq/km2 (Cesium-134/137), which was the highest since 10/13/2013.
The increase of fallout level was observed from January to February of 2013 too. The increase of fallout level can be linked to the seasonal wind.


Alleezae 02.02.2014 17:58

In the age of Globalization where there is continuous revolution in technology, this nuclear disaster is treacherous and uncontrollable for the inhabitants of Japan. No one is able to control the horrors of man made nuclear power plant which is stimulated by natural calamity. The nuclear disaster is boundary less and without any discrimination. The natives have not facilitated by the Japan Government and they are living in very poor situations. This is a responsibility of the authorities to help people but that has been overlooked completely.


GulRukh Tariq 01.02.2014 08:09

States who possess nuclear power plants for the civilian or military purposes must be knowing the fact that any mishap can lead to disastrous consequences. Examples of Hiroshima and Nagasaki can be quoted as remarkable experiences in the field of nuclear power. Still generations are suffering the consequences. States must go for opting internations standards of safety and security mechanisms. Fukushima was another accident which left the international community especially the people fearful regarding the operation of power plants.


Erik Trete 31.01.2014 08:38

No government has offered to really step in and take over the situation at Fukushima (including Japan's) because no one wants to be associated with this mess. That is the same reason no major company is openly working with Tepco. They all see this as a loose-loose proposition and are just praying that things will work out....Unfortunately prayer alone does not work; God only helps those that help themselves! Tepco cannot do this themselves, they run pwr plants, they are not an engineering company and they cut costs because they are broke! Cleanup must be publicly & fully funded to be done right, ugly as that sounds.


Daniel Boone 31.01.2014 02:19

Both Governments are lying to the people. Listen to what Dr. Richard Allen Miller has to say. GE needs to own up to it they built it.


Suzuki Hiroshi 30.01.2014 20:17

SURPRISE: You're Eating Fukushima Radiation and Bloody, Cancerous Tumors in Fish Contaminated By Radiation
28 Jan 2014 Turner Radio Network

Ame ricans and Canadians have been eating radioactive fish filled with bloody, cancerous tumors as a result of fish being contaminated with huge amounts of radiation in the Pacific ocean from the Fukushima disaster.

S ome have said that there are explanations other than radiation for bloody, cancerous tumors. Certainly that might be worthy of consideration. Yet, how many of these so called "ailments" can cross-species? You see, it is NOT just fish being affected; mammals are too.


Agiofin 30.01.2014 19:34

I feel for these people ... i hope they will be okay in the years to come and that radiation does not do too much damage


Nigel Rhodis 30.01.2014 18:39

People need to realize this is not "as bad as" the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, it is MANY, MANY times WORSE. Chernobyl was one reactor and contained fairly quickly. Fukushima is THREE reactors and is still pouring radiation into the air and the Pacific and will not be contained any time soon. The news media is hiding this fact as it would adversely impact many industries. Once again, the almighty Dollar trumps any human consideration.


Daniel Scott Smith 30.01.2014 18:07

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that reads one dollar?
Surely that must be a typo.
;) [No, it's a symbolic sum in order to establish legal precedent - ED.]


Chris Riley 30.01.2014 14:14

Hope this puts an end to GE

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