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Japan to start building world's biggest offshore wind farm this summer

18.01.2013 21:46

Japan is to start building its ambitious wind farm project off the Fukushima coast in July. The farm is expected to become the world’s largest and produce 1GW of power once completed in 2020.

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Eduardo Roa Brynildsen 07.03.2014 20:10

Hi, Do you know the name of the company that is carring out the offshore diving job?

Best regards


Mario Gustavo B Vannuffel 18.11.2013 13:09

2 - We are thinking why not to try to install the heavy part of the eolic system (e.g.: gear and generator), not in 100 - 200 meter height but at sea level. From the Physics: the stability point is easier to control and the maintenance of that parts, will became cheaper. Also less cable longness necessary.

Best Regards, - MvN VEN E - Cali - Colombia.


Max A. H. Hartvigsen 03.03.2013 23:34

Looks like Japan is going to a busy market for Offshore vessels in the future.

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