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Japan's ruling coalition pushes heavy-handed state secrets bill through lower house

26.11.2013 14:35

Japan’s lower house has passed a heavy-handed state secrets act despite fears that it will have severe repercussions for state freedoms. Officials will now face a maximum punishment of ten years in prison if they are found to have leaked to the press.

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Suzuki Hiroshi 28.11.2013 18:19

Tokyo Electric Puts Off Tainted Groundwater Removal at Fukushima Plant
Nov 28 Jiji Press
Tokyo Electric said Thursday that a shortage of water storage tanks has forced it to postpone removal of contaminated groundwater at its crippled Fukushima Plant.
The postponement would allow radioactive groundwater to continue to flow beyond soil hardened with chemicals between the No. 2 and No. 3 reactors and into the sea.
Early this month, 6,000 becquerels per liter of strontium 90 were detected in groundwater in an observation well between the two reactors, far exceeding the standard for water to be released into the sea.


siyousyanamae 27.11.2013 14:38

In The US, very high readings from rain were measured in Arkansas on Nov. 22. This is near the record high for this observer. This looks to be at least 18 times background. (Radiation in rain typically never exceeds 2-3 times background in high radon areas.)


siyousyanamae 27.11.2013 14:38

Radiation in American air and rain continues to rise.
Bobby1's Blog – optimalprediction

A new record of all-beta radiation was measured on Nov. 25 at Fukushima:

The 26th, Tokyo Electric announced from observation wells located on the sea side of the 1-4 Unit Fukushima, radioactive materials that emit beta radiation, such as strontium-90 has been 910,000 becquerels detected per liter. Was taken in the 25th, I went up from 750,000 becquerels of collecting the 21st. In the well of the primary sea side, it was a record high.


Proud Atheist 27.11.2013 04:59

Yeah, they would naturally do it with all the nuclear disasters they have and wrong decisions by idiotic politicians.

It looks like the whole world is moving towards fascism. Consequently, there would probably be an upheaval followed by a major war, like history repeats itself. Human kind is still a stupid creature, despite all the advances.


Daniel Miller 27.11.2013 04:37

2 steps back for Japan....


Albert Scuttlebutt 26.11.2013 23:54

Big Brother can't abide transparency...


Abinico Warez 26.11.2013 23:22

They left out the fifth area: Fukushima.


groingo 26.11.2013 22:40

These are the same clowns that keep allowing the bungling TEPCO to continue....looks like they have learned well from the US example that say "Peoples rights, we don't need no stinking, give us your money"!


andylaw8 26.11.2013 21:16

a lot of people must know about dodgy dealings at fukishima,10 years will keep them quiet

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