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Jelly fission? Jellyfish invasion leads to Swedish nuclear reactor shutdown

02.10.2013 08:35

Sweden’s biggest nuclear reactor was forced to cease operations in a queer twist which had nothing to do with earthquakes or anti-nuclear protests. A giant swarm of jellyfish invaded the area, sneaking into pipes and causing a shutdown.

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god 09.08.2014 12:02

, but a Tasty jellyfish recipe could helpful along with ban on tuna fishing [yes I'm sure Japan will be agreeable,] yes the unlimited catch might will be appealing


Josephinafm van Dijk 27.12.2013 11:11

this reminds me of accidents with aeroplanes, because birds flew in the motors. Maybe directly and with full conciousness. But maybe not. Once maybe this was planned, and so it got in the system. There it can be forgotten, or remembered.
But this sort of "wisdom"as well. Something never disappeares...say the corrupt sections within "science" ...

If this is a product of 'the system and communicationtheory' 'and everything is communication' what are these fishing telling ?
I suppose it is imitating behaviour In the news they hear about suicideattacks...and that was exactly what were the birds doing as well..


BeckyJo Gilbert 04.10.2013 17:57

Nature's way of trying to tell us to stop!


Fiat Illusionaire 03.10.2013 23:07

Tuna love to snake on jellyfish . Too bad that tuna is over fished and now jellyfish run rampant. Over fishing oceans and seas has horrifyingly disrupted the checks and balances of its ecosystem.


Lisa-ann Gershwin 02.10.2013 18:35

For more context and details on jellyfish behaving badly, and why it's our own fault, read the new book "Stung! On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean".


goedelite 02.10.2013 16:46

Cheers for the jellyfish!


goedelite 02.10.2013 16:45

If US politicians were not nuclear industry jellyfish, they would shut down all of our reactors immediately.


Theodoros Roumeliotis 02.10.2013 15:59

Sure. This is just the beginning. Just observe what is next.


Nate Zerosum 02.10.2013 15:18

I for one welcome our new jellyfish overlords...


Jim McLeod 02.10.2013 14:16

It's quite obvious the sharks put them up to it.

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