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Journalist on NSA leak case: More to be revealed

11.06.2013 05:29

There will be more ‘significant information’ exposed in the near future, AP cites the journalist who revealed classified US surveillance programs leaked by an American defense contractor.

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Paul Kraetsch 16.06.2013 16:07

I'm worried that the NSA will seize all the other info that hasn't been published yet, before the Guardian journalist can do it. I'm not really sure what he's waiting for...

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 12:04

I mean ON leaks appearing concerning price fixing.

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 12:02

NSA,BOOZ ALLEN asociated with the Carlylegroup, industrial espionage ?

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 05:51

I've counted 13 scandals in the past year. May have missed a few.

Anonymous user 12.06.2013 04:14

Hey, Americans should do here what they are doing in Turkey

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 23:24

this is just Obamas Job creation tactics ! The U.S. GDP is based on BullSh&t and its getting Deep !

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 22:32

They won't find himeither the chinese have or he will end up dead !!!

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 17:49

Reminds of Catch-22's line, Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear? I hope he is not the last!|

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 17:02

War on terror=war on us!
The end game = to chip every single one of us.
The Extinction of Privacy

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 16:35

Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize .. He would deserve to spend the rest of his life behind bars!

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 16:25

If USG-was more patriotic,&not so CEO war-waging,brave whistleblowers'd have zero to expose!

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 15:41

15:38 you're just a liar. You don't know how to write in basic American english that a 6yrld can do

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 15:38

...Cow had the Nerve to Bellow at me from over the Counter as if I were her Child. 007 Man from unc

Anonymous user 11.06.2013 15:37

For an "American" you don't know how to spell "check" in American english?
Go pretend on SANA

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