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Scientists say Jupiter moon landing best shot at finding habitable world

09.08.2013 00:08

New research indicates Jupiter’s moon Europa is the most likely spot in our solar system to support life outside of the Earth, and NASA is currently developing a mission to explore the planet's icy shell and a subsurface ocean that may resemble our own.

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Jason Scott Klepp 12.08.2013 08:18

In response to Vincenzo La Chimera's post: [side-splitting laughter]. You hit the nail right on the head, sir; I've groaningly suffered so many Facebook responses, the lot makes one wish necks could be wrung electronically.

But, re: the above article:
Subsufa ce habitation of Europa?
Absolutely awe-inspiring.


Vincenzo La Chimera 12.08.2013 02:27

Except for the dumb "my tax dollar" crowd that will never see the big picture or have a trancendental thought process, this article has sponsored some of the most intelligent comments I have read on RT. Where are all the comments with horrible spelling and grammar blaming Jews for everything wrong with their lives, it's like they were suddenly sucked into a void?


ernis 12.08.2013 02:19

I have a friend living there.


Ryan Duncan Gatley 09.08.2013 16:00

[quote name='gypsy' time='09.08.2013 08:48']
The reason we have to escape this world, is because the only way that we will be able to successfully feed everyone and end the shortage of energy as well as end wars over minerals will be to go into space. Might I ask if you were asleep and did not notice the meteor that did not even hit us yet caused catastrophic damage in a city in Russia? if one were to actually hit us we would be wiped out, we need to have more people off-planet to ensure the survival of the human race in the event of such a cataclysm


Lewis Smart 09.08.2013 11:15

Globally the amount of money spent on space exploration is diminishingly small, in a relative sense. It wouldn't help all that much to use that money on humanitarian causes, and in a sense the exploration of space is itself a humanitarian issue.

As Sagan pointed out, establishing a foothold in space may be the only way to ensure survival of earth life. Further, it may be that earth is the only living place in the universe - that's at least as likely as not, for all we know. If that is the case, and if life is a good thing, then we have a moral imperative to spread it beyond the fragile position of being earthbound.


Toosinbeymen B. 09.08.2013 09:50

In spite of all the benefits from space programs, people still complain. What benefits you ask?

Comput er Technology: 3-D Semiconductor Stacking, Structural Analysis, Air Quality Monitoring, Database Management System, Laser Surveying, Aircraft Controls, Expert System Software, Microcomputers, Advanced Imaging and Design Graphics.

Consumer/Home/R ecreation: Enriched Baby Food, Water Purification System, Scratch-Resistant Lenses, Pool Purification, Ribbed Swimsuit, Portable Coolers/Warmers, Sports Training, ...

The list is very long.


gypsy 09.08.2013 08:48

I'm glad more and more people are speaking out against these fantasy stories that end up costing the people of this planet billions of dollars. Money that is not available for anything apart from dealing with the fundamentals. We have a poverty and hunger epidemic. We have a rapidly increasing margin between the rich and the poor. Corporations control our governments. A small group of people controls the worlds money supply through their international banking cartel. These are things we need to attend to.

I don't understand why we need to escape this planet. Have our insane leaders given up?


Luis Reyes 09.08.2013 06:35

As the hardworking taxpayer that you are, you lack the ambition and ability to think outside the confines of the system. The problem isn't that we don't have enough money to fund the project. The problem is that we think we need money to do things. All we'd have to do is get rid of the current system chaining us down! Then there'd be no problem in giving scientists the resources to explore new frontiers. May the system crumble!


Michael Groves 09.08.2013 06:08

Another fairy story from NASA because they need funding.
When will we wake up to this nonsense?
We can't even get peace on this tiny Earth - don't let us spoil anywhere else in our wonderful Solar System.
These projects cost billions of the people's money when 25,000 humans die every day from starvation.


Stan Dinsmore 09.08.2013 03:53

NASA wants to spend money on research into life on another planet. It is easy for NASA scientists to live out their fantasies at taxpayer expense; but the rest of us live in reality. Because of the economy, our 'reality' doesn't get any easier.

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