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Taliban ‘more willing than ever’ to join Afghan peace process

05.02.2014 04:52

President Hamid Karzai has confirmed he is engaged in secret talks with the Taliban, which reportedly wants to join the Afghanistan peace process. Washington is pushing for Karzai to sign a security pact that would extend the US military presence.

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sakhawat 06.02.2014 03:17

Sometimes a man does not believe in God, but one day in the end of his life he believes in God. Then he is a believer. God pardons him and people forgive him. Karzai was a puppet of Bush but now he is sorry. May be he is exactly sorry. If it is true, so the Afghans forgive him. The Taliban should come and sign a peace treaty with him and mark the next independent day in the history of Afghanistan.


Tessa 06.02.2014 00:34

American government would not tolerate successful peace negotiations and their withdrawal. They will flood the media with misinformation congress, POTUS, and military leaders screaming about how we are threatened. Americans saw through this tactic in Syria, but years of programming from our masters on Afghanistan will make the charade harder to see for most.


king 05.02.2014 13:29

Karzai is afraid cuz these Talibans will take away his life. That's why he wants peace talk with them lols. And second thing Americans should learn a lesson I mean it's an embarrassing moment for is that Talibans have won while we have Lost the war. It's time to put those in shackles behind the bars who has sent us for this insane war.


Hansel 05.02.2014 12:39

Berry Waters 05.02.2014 11:26

<i& ;gt;The only logical way to negotiate with Taliban is via a séance.</i&a mp;gt;


Not even then, eternal punishment is not enough for these insane fanatics..


Ronald 05.02.2014 12:19

Karzai is leader of a filthy kleptocracy that is rated 175 of the 177 nations on its anti-corruption index. The criminal leader of a criminal nation that exports drugs to the world and poisions the souls of its own children -- this is the man to give the US a civics lesson? The real crime is that the US did not side with the USSR long ago to stamp out state-sponsored evil in Afghanistan decisively.


Berry Waters 05.02.2014 11:26

<i>The only logical way to negotiate with Taliban is via a séance.</i>

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