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Kenya shopping mall siege: LIVE UPDATES

22.09.2013 14:24

Al-Shabaab, the al-Qaeda-linked Islamist group took dozens of people hostage, among them foreigners, after seizing the Westgate shopping mall in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi on September 21. At least 67 people were killed during the four-day siege.

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i Man 28.09.2013 22:29

The Port Authority of NY & NJ has placed everyone's safety & security in jeopardy by undermining all the counterterrorism measures that have been put in place by allowing crimes such as the illegal policy of disposing lost valid passports in the garbage that are found in the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Now just imagine the damage that a terrorist cell could do with those valid lost passports or an identity theft ring.

Google “found, stolen, trashed by PA.”


Richard Lefew 24.09.2013 05:16

Yes, it's true. The rebels in Syria have done massacres like this on a daily basis. They film their massive suicide bomb explosions, some of which kill hundreds in one go. Just watch the videos online. Kerry says it's ok in Syria, because the victims are government supporters, and deserve to die. Imagine that, just being a normal citizen who doesn't rise up against one's government makes one a fair target for islamic radicals, supported by the USA. I wonder if the USA provides the Syrian "rebels" with the explosives they use to kill thousands of innocent civilians and Syrian soldiers?


Dimitri 24.09.2013 03:59

How will Obamition explain this one? So many guys there. He should say let's bomb Texas.


coolan 24.09.2013 01:33

How Somali Shebab are they different from the jihadists France brought together within the Syrian National Council? How are Shebab different from Islamist of front AL_Nosra Syria that Americans use to fight the Syrian government? Shebab are they different from jihadist who France gave them weapons in Libya and then used in Mali? Is not France, usa and all Western governments that recognize the jihadists and illuminated, grouped in the Syrian National Council as the representative of the Syrian people . In Libya's the the Islamist armed by France have killed innocent people.


coolan 24.09.2013 01:23

The warlord Yankee barack obama called the attack of terrible tragedy. The warlord Gallic François Holland talks about his sadness. But that the world should know is that the Somali Shebab are small brothers of Islamists that France and usa were armed in Libya and Syria.


coolan 24.09.2013 01:19

Here are some of the images of the victims of al-Shabaab against the mall in Nairobi Kenya. Public opinion in the Western countries is shocked. But I expect the reaction of Heads of Government of these countries.


Christopher John Walters 23.09.2013 23:39

This is the biggest pile of BS lies since Entebbe. I did some research on the Photographers .. Busy aren't they ? Embedding themselves with West sponsored Islamists in Libya and Syria and here they are again embedded with God knows who and they are either invisible or they couldn't care that they have their backs turned to the Al Shabaab whilst filming the Cops and Military. That Israeli owned Mall's CCTV was disabled I bet; We'll never see the alleged terrorists dead or alive mark my words.


Tenkir Gebremariam Abbabulgu 23.09.2013 16:26

Kenya is becoming easy target for Alshabab, They have been bombing hotels and airports and now a mall, I think the Kenyan security should respond to this. They ran after fact...


Dimitri 23.09.2013 14:36

I saw a report saying that many of these militants were European citizens. That's a big failure on Europe's side, when you make people feel like outcasts, they will join organizations that will give them security and personal satisfaction. Assimilation mechanism in Europe is too harsh.


John Maxwell 23.09.2013 11:41

I said it, they went through Germany.... Heard on Press TV: Israeli forces were helping out in Kenya!!! "Something is fishy here.....why Israeli forces, of all forces in the world??Their intelligence must have been the one who triggered the terror attack, so they can wade in to gain a name in the international stage has a peace making entity and over shadow their terror acts on the Palestinians and their atomic arsenals.This is another step decoy, attempting to align with African countries and reap her of her independence. A problems they covertly created to solve, for a gain."


Paul 23.09.2013 10:41

&quo t;Haven't you already heard that Israeli agents have been involved in the shopping mall case? It's all on the finnish news at least..."
_ __

As far as i know the shopping mall is owned by Israel, so i would expect the Israeli advisers would need to be involved in this case, insurance comes to mind.


Live on your knees or die fighting 23.09.2013 08:56

They shot a two old child in cold blood - all this military might fighting Assad and alongside AQ needs to get its act together and start acting with the peoples mandate.

The people want to travel and work safe not be shot down going about their lives. US/UK start earning the peoples trust and faith - you have let everyone down up til now and we demand action against AQ NOW !!


Brian 23.09.2013 06:47

Time to turn Al-Shebab into Shish Kebab ;)


Muwando David 23.09.2013 05:25

let security angencies be increased.start by yourself linked to gov and free com line should be in place


Franco Palu 23.09.2013 01:11

Armed cowards, storm in a mall and indiscriminately kill innocent defenseless people, then claim victory, victory over what? anyone can do that, and remains a coward, but this snakes further hide under religion and utter in tones that they think would resonate with those they think are sympathizers and religious brothers or sisters- the best option i would give Kenya is to storm out of AMISOM with its worthless engagement rules and transverse through out the Somalia territory neutralizing this imbeciles who are like a cancer even to the Somalian citizenry itself; UN and AMISOM think of war with TERRORISTS AS A GAME


Andrej Rehak 22.09.2013 21:34

Cat 22.09.2013 20:04

WHY ! WHY! WHY ! Why do we let these sub-human terrorists continue with their horror? If the United Nations can't stop this, what good is it.


Because terrorism is being used as a tool to push forward the true agenda of globalists to spy and control the world population the way they want. If there would have been a REAL fight against terrorism, there would have been no terrorists by now. Look at Russia how Chechnya have become stable just in 13 years. And Chechens were sponsored from abroad...

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