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US reserves Syria strike option, Israel seeks ‘results, not words’

15.09.2013 16:35

US-Russia deal on Syria will be judged on whether it achieves results, which is “the complete destruction” of Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons stockpiles, Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said.

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Rod Lloyd 16.09.2013 01:42

Amerika ans Israel are itching to bomb syria, any excuse will be used, this latest bit of PR by the Zionists of the Amerikan Government is merely a delay, they want to crush Syria and Iran, and Israel wants to rule the Middle East,just as it rules Amerika at present, and who owns Israel ,yes thats right Rothchild's family, also the WHO which will not release its documents on America using chemical weapons in Iraq and Afghanistan, who owns WHO... yep Rothchild's family, all to do with control and power. They dont care who they kill or destroy as long as they get the power and control... evil load of soulless creeps,


Ken 15.09.2013 23:49

Obama has his orders: the missiles will fly.


Sam Uy 15.09.2013 23:34

John rushed to go Israel knowing his boss Satanyahu got mad and upset about the prospect of Peace in Syria. I'm sure he's trembling begging for forgiveness from his true Boss. Poor John went home with pack of sermon as gift to Obomber.


Romanov 15.09.2013 23:30

So Kerry-Heinz is in Israel reporting to his real boss.


Dwain 15.09.2013 23:20

I think the US and her friends are misunderstanding/mis calculating the Russian proposal towards this deal.. First of all it was impossible to reach according the the dipsh*t John... I'm sure Obama prob wanted to slap him upside the head for uttering such words... because now the strikes are being forced off the table.. everything about strike now is just a rolling stomach... its already down in there.. Russia is now THE major player on Syria... that means any strike outside of the deal will constitute to a Russian response.. and i don't mean diplomatic.. counter strike back.


Ina 15.09.2013 23:01

Bitter Truth: Kerry visit to Israel to brief Natanyaho on the accord b4 going to Washington is the the proof without doubt that rebels (terrorist) backed by US and its allies particularly Israel and Saudi Arabia has used the chemical weapons. Israel and Saudi Arabia are always involved in the killing and slaughtering of innocent women and children backed by US. Kerry should go to his own country first to brief his own president and his own people but he know that 99.99% American are against the war against Syria so he went to the country who is trouble maker in the Middle East and in the whole world .


Excited about Boring 15.09.2013 22:41

[quote name='Geoff King' time='15.09.2013 22:13'][/quote]
Well said! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it. Apparently, most of the readers here aren't from this country & for obvious reasons can't care less about WHO governs US. Is the American public so numbed, dazed & confused already that they can put this kind of news out in the open... and nobody cares, or even notices??


Excited about Boring 15.09.2013 22:26

"The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has arrived in Jerusalem to brief Netanyahu on the agreement he reached with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva on Saturday. " So, nowdays they don't even bother to go to Washington first & brief their own boss (technically speaking) anymore? wow, America! Who IS your president and where does he reside?


Geoff King 15.09.2013 22:13

As an American, I thought we had sunk low enough with the whole "let's blow the heck out of Syria for no apparent reason" bs, but seeing Kerry rushing right to Israel with the results of an agreement that should have nothing to do with them turns my stomach. I now believe my government is doing it's best to destroy the last shreds of decency we have left. It is getting difficult to decide which scandalous event they are involved in is more disgusting.There are now just too many of them.


Filipe Da Silva 15.09.2013 22:09

wana see Israel get rid of their nukes, and chemical weapon's...
(hah a)There is still the Iran treat...
Now Israel just needs to wait one week to tell obama that Assad has more chemical facilities then the ones on the paper and there you go, Us striking Syria...

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