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Ukraine turmoil

18.02.2014 14:13

The four-side Geneva treaty on de-escalating tension in Ukraine has been adopted as a road map for resolving the crisis. Promising to adhere to the agreement, Kiev demands that anti-government protesters in eastern Ukraine must be the first to follow it.

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dan.w 17.06.2014 11:14

@JD D the every day person, can't actually do anything to stop the events unfolding. It's inevitable. The best action we can take is to prepare ourselves spiritually through prayer and fasting. Only Christ can save, we can't save ourselves. Lord have mercy.[/quote]

You are smokin something funny. there is no imaginary god gonna save you from war or bullets they only way to have any chance of survival is to stock up on food water and anything else that can help you prepare. people of this world please do not put your hope in god he will not save you no matter what religeon. we have only ourselves to depend on.


António 16.06.2014 20:41

The Ukrainian army on behalf of the government of Kiev destroys homes and businesses from all regions east. Thousands of civilians are the regions east to flee for their lives and their families. Who will ask for protection, they have Ukrainian passport, but flee to Russia, single site that can help.


andi 11.06.2014 16:46

Turchinow is exactly the kind of guy that Merkel would have selected for such a job in Germany. Look at Gauck... The EU policies are already active in the Ukraine!!!


dennis curry 10.06.2014 13:31

Only fool is Smith. Yankee oligarchs, with the worst distribution of income in the developed world, operate your monopoly capitalism. Duh where is Ukraine, must have war. We good they bad stupidity. Yankee echo chamber even reaches Canada, unfortunately.


andi 08.06.2014 19:43

I hope that Putin and Lawrow are ok. i heared some strange stories that there would be some clones running there anywhere outside. Satan and the Pentagon are taking the control of the world.


Matt 08.06.2014 17:35

james greer 07.06.2014 15:43

Ukraine will be taken to the cleaners by NATO, No rest in Ukraine once the US stepped in. Ukraine will wind up just like Iraq, Syria, Viet Nam, ETC,ETC, Nothing but chaos for Ukraine from now on. You can thank Kerry, mc cane, obama and barstool biden for your misery.


Or Greece, in the very least.


António 08.06.2014 17:25

The people of eastern Ukraine, do not forget the crimes committed by these puppets of Kiev!

There is no way the people of the east, returning to live with the people of the West!

The people of the regions of Donbass daily struggle against mercenaries, and fight to keep what is dear to them, their culture!


Walt Kellis 07.06.2014 07:05

Bill of Sale Contract for Province of Crimea Ukraine;
By: Ukraine;
Sold To: Russia;
For the sum of 250,000,000,000 Euro's payable to Ukraine;

Th is contact is binding in perpetuity and Russia agrees to pay by the act of annexing Crimea.


Tsar Cube 06.06.2014 06:30

[quote name='bronko' time='04.06.2014 10:52']
if the price on one side rises the other will get more attractive. do not underestimate the still exisiting fear in germany of russia from WW2 and cold war. the old enemy picture is again painted on the wall by western media. fear controlls masses!

[/q uote]

15% of Europe's gas travels through Ukraine. Southstream pipeline goes online in less then 2 years to bypass Ukraine, it's faster the first shipments from US can arrive and cheaper, there will not be an issue with Russian gas. Also, Germans have no fear of Russia we on very good terms.


Matt 06.06.2014 02:15

The most interesting aspect is that the US defender's disbelief in their own rhetoric is evident even in print. You don't need special software to tell if they are being insincere. You can even SMELL the BS... weird, is it not?

I mean it is weird that you can actually "smell" BS on the web. And the US is so full of it.


Matt 06.06.2014 02:12

Obama says the "G7" (group of all NSA compromised) will impose new sanctions.... as smoke leaves his a.s.s.h.....

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