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Digital religion: Russian Pirate Church eyes registration

03.08.2013 05:24

Russian adepts of free web data flow plan to register their own religious organization to battle copyright laws. Adherents of the Kopimi, or Copy Me, movement believe the process of exchanging data is sacred and intend to bring the argument to court.

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Chuck Orange 06.08.2013 13:56

Lest I forget...This brings opportunities to up date the koran and burn earlier editions publicly at our services. Naturally, the updated editions will be carefully controlled so that one cannot see the difference between the earlier editions....


Chuck Orange 06.08.2013 13:49

Perhaps we could get a few branches open here in the US, hopefully allied with wikileaks....Then Snowden could break his leaks as religious fatwas, and naturally as devotees we would spread the good word....while watching Holder chew his prayer rug...


David Allen Murray 05.08.2013 12:18

i dont agree that copyright is religious, it is theft, does not mean that we are either innocent or guilty.


Henrique Bearzzi 05.08.2013 08:21

Congratulations to mother russia for this important achievement to his people!

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