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South Korea vows ‘strong response’ to attack from North, as US boosts military presence off peninsula

01.04.2013 02:06

South Korea has changed its rules of engagement ordering its troops to immediately respond to provocations from the North. Following the deployment of F-22 stealth fighters, the US has now sent a destroyer into Korean coastal waters.

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Anonymous user 16.04.2013 09:11

If it comes down to a fire fight, it will turn nuclear, bad news for the whole northern hemisphere.

Anonymous user 14.04.2013 17:28

US Navy DDG on site look out NK. It won't be pretty

Anonymous user 13.04.2013 15:00

War is bad for all; No one wins, people who comment otherwise are foolish.


Leslie D Fry 09.04.2013 21:14

North Korea would be pretty cool if it weren't for all the north Koreans


Leslie D Fry 09.04.2013 21:13

In America were forced to watch all these sucky reality shows. if war started at least there would be something interesting on TV. to North Korea Please target Kim Kardashion. Dancing with the stars, American Idol, survivor, Batcher . in my opinion there all good targets. Leave Duck Dynasty alone there pretty cool.

Anonymous user 05.04.2013 16:46

If you all were offered usa citizenship, your mouth would be speaking very different words.


Peter Bonfil 03.04.2013 23:05

It seems the main trouble in Korea is the presence of US cold war bases and its massive sales of weapons to South Korea and Japan.

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 22:52

NK closed Kae-Song yesterday or the day before, refusing SK's entry.

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 11:28

American FoodAid Program = 1 new MCDONALDSfor every half million population

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 11:27

I just sold my KIA SUV before parts for it are no longer available god bless america consumersociety

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 07:27

Whoever said USA is criminal, does not, of course, belong to America and is just seeking conflict.

Anonymous user 03.04.2013 06:24

USA is criminal for giving food aid but NKorea threatening war to SKorea/China/USA & Japan is OK?

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