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North Korea test-fires two short-range missiles - reports

15.03.2013 14:27

North Korea's military has fired short-range missiles into the East Sea (Sea of Japan) in an attempt to counter-act joint US-South Korean military exercises, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported.

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Anonymous user 20.03.2013 10:40

The Russians are wrong because they failed to gather their own allies by supporting sanctions on NK

Anonymous user 20.03.2013 01:01

I predict the following,seoul will ne nucked by a NK soldier on foot dressed as a japaneese tourist


Richardlover1234 Sievert 19.03.2013 22:16

Stop bombing -everyone"
"I AM "
'Said you people who blindly follow orders and push buttons and think their is no consequences for your finger are wrong!
'listen every member is a part of the whole, and you cannot accuse your- fingers of being- tricked when something gave you a mind' 'It's your fault you do not use it, and one day there will be a collection of all those actions and your bright reward will be red-fire soldier !

Anonymous user 17.03.2013 21:41

The Chinese have openly admitted they will stand by North Korea. It is a show of military prowess..


Justin Mustful 16.03.2013 09:26

[quote name='Anonymous user' time='16.03.2013 08:18']The US and South Korea are conducting military exercises off its coast. Who are the aggressors?????[/quo te]

Or it could be considered off S. Koreas coast. These drills have been going on for years and N. Korea is just as guilty. Don't get me wrong there is guilt on both sides... in fact guilt on every government in the UN. But then again that's what governments do, fight amongst each other while the innocents of the world suffer.

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 09:03

US dominates outdated NK in conventional war..collapse in 1 month cause china will not help

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 08:18

The US and South Korea are conducting military exercises off its coast. Who are the aggressors?????

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 08:15

North Korea has a right to defend itself.

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 06:21

Kim Jong Un has been watching too many Austin Powers movies... Fruitcake...

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 04:15

N. Korea scrapped the armistice. The US should launch a total nuclear strike and end it.

Anonymous user 16.03.2013 02:15

Kim Jong Un is ruining his citizens

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 22:39

Someday, maybe many yrs from now-the oppressed will tear him to pieces if his inner cadre doesnt 1st

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