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North Korea test-fires two short-range missiles - reports

15.03.2013 14:27

North Korea's military has fired short-range missiles into the East Sea (Sea of Japan) in an attempt to counter-act joint US-South Korean military exercises, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported.

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Anonymous user 15.03.2013 15:41

@monk They just tested two missiles, don't know why you're so afraid and consider this as a threat.

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 15:34

North Korea is just a rash on the world. Anyone got any cream?


rt-themonk 15.03.2013 15:26

N. Korea is the little boy who cries wolf. With its 3-4 times a year threats, the Little boy of N. Korea is starting to sound infantile. Stamping it's feet and crying wolf. 90-95% of their bluster is aimed at domestic consumption. A new kid trying to prove his bona fides with his Generals least they spank him for being to weak!!!

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 14:56

somebody is gonna fry U.S. army's behinds :D

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 14:56

DPRK, 1945-2013

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 14:52

Time to teach him a lesson. Away with the state of terror and feed the poor people.

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 14:50

God Bless North Korea. God Grant Them The Strength To Defeat The Dark Forces Of Mongrel Imperialism!

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 14:48

If N. Korea is poor and impoverished, and America is rich and wealthy, why rioting & looting in USA?

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 14:42

Let the drums of war thunder once again.


duncan lucas 15.03.2013 14:37

As I said previously -Oriental people dont like losing face. The more the US ratchets up the war rhetoric the more NK will as well.

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