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North Korea test-fires two short-range missiles - reports

15.03.2013 14:27

North Korea's military has fired short-range missiles into the East Sea (Sea of Japan) in an attempt to counter-act joint US-South Korean military exercises, South Korean news agency Yonhap reported.

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Anonymous user 15.03.2013 17:57

DPRK Citizens are all Peaceful Farmers, the US Colonial South are all Urban Military Industrialists!

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 17:55

Bankrupt USA has no Chance against North Korean. USA will even Collapse without any War soon.

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 17:55

Why are so many Americans angry with their Government's Non-Profit Imperialismic Foreign Policy? WHY

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 17:52

[quote name='Anonymous user' time='15.03.2013 14:48'
Why can north Korea not feed their people?

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 17:51

Nuke Seoul and No Ground Troops Needed, If the United States Retaliates, China is Involved, Not Good

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 17:48

After NATO/USA Defeat in Afghanistan North Korea will Prove too Strong for US. God Bless North Korea

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 17:43

God Bless Brave One Million Strong North Korean Army Ready to Wipe out USA and Imperialism.

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 17:41

Weak Afghanistan has Defeated all 27 NATO Countries. Powerful North Korea will do the Remaining Job.

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 17:39

One Million North Korean Soldiers Ready to Wipe Out American Imperialism Fascism from Asia .

Anonymous user 15.03.2013 17:09

The DPRK will be Defeated and the US Wins,China and Russia Will not Help DPRK and The DPRK will Fall

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