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N. Korea imposes 'no-fly, no-sail zones off both coasts'

06.03.2013 11:09

North Korea has imposed no-fly and no-sail zones off both its coasts, South Korean government sources tell Yonhap news agency.

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Anonymous user 06.03.2013 07:57

Come on Obama could ring Kim up, have a simple man to man chat, and end this like Gentlemen.

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 07:48

@anjem choudary as opposed to the CNN does it for the "land of the free"

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 07:44

so whois the no-fly, no-sail zones for. Thier own people?

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 07:40

N. Korea imposes no-fly, no-sail zones off both coasts - reports

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 07:40

Who is rogue? -- an Empire that kills millions, or a small country that threatens to defend itself?


anjem choudary 06.03.2013 07:35

RT is official news agency for dictatorships like China, Russia and North Korea


Patricia Fornera 06.03.2013 07:34

any country has the right to do whatever they think is important for them or only "some" empires can do it?

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 07:28

I would play Homefront (video game) now.

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 07:26

Such a joke!

Anonymous user 06.03.2013 07:18

That is the only language the warmongers in Washington anderstand-no come the exersise for the Yanks

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