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Labour party threatens to sue over NHS ‘cover up’ allegation

06.10.2013 05:39

The UK’s Labour Party has threatened to sue over claims one of its members orchestrated a cover up of NHS failures. Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham has been accused of hiding reports of appalling standards of hygiene and unusually high death rates.

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Jim Butler-Daulby 18.12.2013 17:26

I've only just discovered this story and its revealing how people outside the UK see the NHS. Before Thatcher introduced us to neoliberalism our NHS was a nationally regulated institution, internationally envied. Since her insistence that it yielded to the mythical "market forces" it has been degraded piece by piece. Successive right wing governments have systematically eroded its effectiveness. It STILL out-performs the US system and is still better than most profit-seeking systems. It should be returned to its original state and nothing should be 'outsourced' for profit! Greed kills!


Alan Rigby Marr 07.10.2013 09:22

There is a good case to privatise the NHS while the government could provide a health insurance scheme like many European countries. Then we might get a decent health service instead of apart from some exceptions a second rate one. Management in the UK is generally poor and so any privatised health service would need also to import proper management either from Europe or the Far East.


Colin Shorey 07.10.2013 01:13

What mugs are going to pay for this then.Go Home and ask mom to wipe your nose


Colin Shorey 06.10.2013 17:56

Looks like a complete reform is required by the end user not the profitier.Give me a call


eddie 06.10.2013 14:07

The NHS is sacred to those of us in the UK whose parents lived in an age of private medicare insurance pre-1948. It may be flawed but its better than leaving healthcare in the hands of Insurance Companies. Most of what I've read on here is uninformed rubbish !


Boris 06.10.2013 11:54

It has been widely known and acknowleged fro many years that the NHS has severe issues. These have been systematically covered up by various politicians and civil servants and by enforcing efficiency targets on the system to make it appear that the Government of the day was actually addressing the issues.


rogirl 06.10.2013 11:31

The Narional Health Service is the one of the finest things that came out of Britain. Slowly it got eroded away. The matron very strict on hygiene and discipline was repaced by private cleaning companies who knew nothing of hospital hygiene. Kind and dedicated nurses always on low pay lost their accomodation and food allowances. Hospitals sold off to private agencies or closed down altogether. ,All shiny on the outside but with an eye on big profit on the inside. The number of Hospital mortalities shot up especially in elderly patient care...the list goes on and on.

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