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Lavrov: We did not threaten Kiev with sanctions, only warned of privilege loss

16.12.2013 15:49

There has been no Russian blackmail against wannabe EU-member Ukraine, and existing agreements between the two countries clearly state that only certain trade privileges could be scrapped, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

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WorkTogether 18.12.2013 18:11

Yes, the US will last as long as the Zionist/Rothschild owned Fed continues printing phony US$ monopoly money until the poor dollar's collapse, while the corrupt banksters are raking in ungodly profits thieved from a blissfully slumbering America...


WorkTogether 18.12.2013 18:02

EU is in huge trouble as is the US gov.. The EU will be wise to economically & politically cool it with the current US administration. Is it not common knowledge, that the US cannot even return their gold to them, because it simply is not there anymore! McCain is the laughing stock of the globe.. let's down true blue America, he belongs on a carcass rack.
Now Pres Putin & Sergey Lavrov understand that money is simply a utility vehicle to employ as a guard for bringing about global peace, while creating futures & prosperity for all countries.


BNTO 18.12.2013 08:42

It is time to arrest Klicko and his clique and send them to Siberia to work there and pay off ukrainan would be only fair


Arch Simpson 18.12.2013 03:20

It is not Russia's Lavrov who is threatening the Ukraine with sanctions, it is America's Senator McCain.


Ekaterina Carlsson 17.12.2013 13:03

The Monk 17.12.2013 01:50

The EU will weather it's storms and continue to grow with or without Ukraine. Kiev will end up deciding what is in their best interests in the long run. If Russia needs to threaten them to stay on their good be it!


Wa it, not all the Bulgarian and Romanian gypsies+ Somalians, Syrians etc have move to Europe YET! They are just packing.


anatolipek 17.12.2013 06:31

Quite a change from saying Russia said nothing to the Ukraine about withdrawing agreements!


Keith Bosthen 17.12.2013 05:38

Ukrainians shouldnt cry when they get bankrubt, because EU is not going to help you at all. And Russia wouldnt either.


fish ghuts 17.12.2013 03:42

I did not threaten the shop owner that I would burn down his store. I only warned him that without our services accidents became more probable.


The Monk 17.12.2013 01:50

I don't have a dog in this fight but am amused by the doomsday comments on the EU. These are same ones I have read year after year about the USA collapsing and each year passes with that not happening and our economy getting better each year.
The EU will weather it's storms and continue to grow with or without Ukraine. Kiev will end up deciding what is in their best interests in the long run. If Russia needs to threaten them to stay on their good be it!


RichardD 17.12.2013 01:44

The EU says one thing and does another that is contrary to all of the high ideas that it claims to promote. If the EU was such a good deal not only would it's core members which are having so much trouble be doing better, but so would eastern europe, which hasn't done well over recent years, while Russia is growing strongly with little debt. While the EU is loaded up with staggering debt.


Johnyshmit 17.12.2013 01:24

Rob Fleck 17.12.2013 00:39

Loss of privileges? What a joke. Straight up blackmail by the USSR and dictator Putin and his henchmen.


Posts like this come from serpentarium. People with heavy mental disorder like this cannot survive in the natural environment :)


Igor Gleb 17.12.2013 01:14

In Portugal ( I am Brazilian and know Potugal) many, but many think becoming a full member to the EU was not good because Portugal lost its competivity!! May soud strange, but this happens!!! For this reason the British will never give up their currency to be controlled in Berlin!!! Margareth Tatcher kneu it!!! What the young Ukraynians want is mobility ( and theydeserve it), but not to be a rogue state in Europe!!! A plebiscite discussing all the pros and cons woud be a solution


fish ghuts 16.12.2013 23:43

it says Comments [24].
but there are only 14 comments. Does that 10 of them were censored? Does that mean we are only allowed to agree?


Karate Champ 16.12.2013 23:21

Count Cash 16.12.2013 21:02

local companies who would now not be able to compete with the lean mean new EU entrants who have additionally had the rules tweaked in their favour. Indeed there is a second stage where the real EU money comes to buy up distressed enterprises at bargain basement prices and further takes them off the market (...).they will be acquired, parked and the workers dumped on the streets, with liabilities transferred ti the state.


A nd state will have to borrow from EU banks, descending into the debt spiral. All large contracts will be carried by EU companies anyway.


tdilla 16.12.2013 23:17

It's not raining, it's just the sky is depositing moisture everywhere. Call it what you want, Lavrov, but you're using the threat of economic seige in order to coerce a political move on the part of Ukraine. What of Moldova? What of their wine? As soon as Moldova enters talks with the EU, their wine all of a sudden gets held up at the Russian border. You see? There is a pattern where if somebody does something Russia doesn't like, they get punished. For all of their talk of "interference&q uot;, they certainly seem to lack a mirror.

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