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‘No scuffle, no communication’ between Syria foes in Geneva - Lavrov

25.01.2014 16:24

Though representatives of Syrian President Bashar Assad and opposition forces exchanged bitter and emotional open statements at the Geneva 2 talks, they have so far failed to actually communicate, Russian Foreign Minster Sergey Lavrov said on Saturday.

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Regula 27.01.2014 08:18

There can't be any transitional governing body - there is nobody with whom to share the government. Surely not with Jabar - a US hirling.

Brahimi should concentrate on getting civilians evacuated from rebel besieged areas so the civilians don't get used as human shields and don't get killed due to unavoidable imprecision of government munitions.


Diez Sanchez 26.01.2014 17:07

The usa aka invisible hand is forcing Syria to give them a seat at their table or will burn the experiment to the ground! A concession to the terrorist pure & simple! These democratic elections like that of USA are rigged! The USA will give the Syrian a choice of 2 candidates, both bought & paid to do corp interest not d peoples! Meantime d people forget these bad guy terrorist just weasel their way into your political & economic process! Like the rest of the Muslim nations they meddled in will Spiral downwards! While corps take ur resources & give ya democracy! The devil is at your door Syria! Don't let N!


becquerrelle 26.01.2014 16:21

As Proof of Good Feelings following Saturday's Meeting the Representatives all went out for Pirogies


Don NunyaBitness 26.01.2014 12:20

Laws are a system of tribal conditions.
Laws restrict - they don’t instruct- which is more wise?
Laws are fine for a man beast- then to advance reducing the need for laws- in future generations.
Men proven WISE not wealthy - guiding and teaching the new generation the proper ways the errors they made to instruct the new generation- not with laws- but in how to become wise.
This newly instructed generation now teaching their young and guiding them away from their mistakes.
The KEY is to ensure that ALL must understand that LIFE is most precious and to be honored appreciated before ALL ELSE.


Don NunyaBitness 26.01.2014 12:13

War - is the actions of men that don’t think so well- possess little if any wisdom at all.
The conditions of war for thousands of years are directly associated with the leaders of men.
Laws restrict - they don’t teach well at all or guide.
Governmen ts steer societies towards their own benefits wealth power and control- which benefit themselves.
Wise men should guide rather than the rich controlling.
Tri llions for war - so little for the higher educations of the public.
War and poverty firmly in place simply the natural conditions of grand ignorances.
War for resources the comic tragedy being a voluntary military


Mark 26.01.2014 12:10

I believe that Geneva-2 will end in failure because the The socalled opposition depends completely on Western/ Gulf state support. Syrians inside the country and also majority of Syrians outside the country have had enough with Wahhabi terror and Salafists destruction. Saudi Arabia is by and large the primary financer of the bloodshed in Syria. Saudi Arabia wants the bloodshed to continue in Syria. So the only topic worthy of genuine discussion is how end foreign sponsored terrorism inside Syria and bring the Syrian people security and stability and then create conducive atmosphere for political reform in Syria.


nagyelme 26.01.2014 05:56

"Jerobroom says : Russia's only friends on the world stage are "friends" due to monetary considerations. Lets see, you have North Korea, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Ecuador, Syria and Cuba."

Jerebroom has not heard of the BRICS countries, seriously in denial. Oh well, i like to see Zionist and Corporatist parrots upset at the success of nations who oppose the Western block. That means that we have positive progress occurring....


jerebroome 26.01.2014 05:29

Russia's only friends on the world stage are "friends" due to monetary considerations. Lets see, you have North Korea, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Ecuador, Syria and Cuba. Russia gives away its out dated military consignments to these countries out of shear fear. Russia should focus on its horrible internal issues as opposed to giving away its national assets.


jerebroome 26.01.2014 04:56

Russia is in scramble mode. Keeping the warm water port at Tartus and the Russian fleet in the Crimea is of the utmost importance. Russia will fail, as it should both legally and morally, in its attempts. Russia must come to terms that has become another third world country. With Iran submitting to western sanctions and moving closer to the west, Russia's seat on the world stage is growing smaller.


jerebroome 26.01.2014 04:14

Russia will do anything to keep Syria under its wing. With Iran finally submitting to western sanctions, the will to sell Iranian gas to Europe is against Russian monopolistic interest. If Russia can keep a pipeline from running through Syria, it adds considerable costs to the equation. But, with Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan helping to foot the bill., the gas will get through and Ukraine can then flip Russia "the bird".


sakhawat 25.01.2014 23:30

Many people already know that the outcome of this conference is near to zero. How can Syria government reach a deal with oppositions, if the oppositions inter to the conference hall after the command of US ambassador? Mr Lavrod, you must not believe at the smiling face of Kerry!


Elizabeth Fernandez 25.01.2014 22:22

They want WW3 so one family can control the world through a conglomerate. Assad has to stay to save humanity from a psychopathic family that will eattheir own children to gain power. It's not Israel not the USA its the puppet masters. Reiki can heal the world.


Commander 25.01.2014 21:50

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is being very honest by stating there has been absolutely no communication between representatives of the Syrian government and the western backed opposition forces. This lack of progress must be very pleasing to Washington. Peace always works against America's 'strategic interests'. Washington is seeking to fulfill its violent regime change agenda at the Geneva 2 Talks.

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