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'Chance for Syria peace can't be missed' - Lavrov on Kerry talks

12.09.2013 09:31

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is to meet with his US counterpart John Kerry in Geneva to hammer out the details of Russia’s initiative to put Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles under international control.

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Tony Clifton 15.09.2013 15:06

Peter Parry 12.09.2013 15:21

<BR>Tha nk goodness for Russia;s two and a half years of fortitude. Imagine if they hadn't blocked these dudes.


Why did Russia fail in Libya! I think they underestimated Obama Plan Evil for Africa.
The Mediterranean beachhead that the US secured for AFRICOM -- to carryout covert operations in Sub-Saharan Africa-- by the liquidation of Khaddafi and his family members, including his grandchildren, will create massive refugee problems, plunder of its natural resources by Freeport MacMoran and Kubrick Gold and do environmental degradation to the African continent.


Tony Clifton 15.09.2013 14:49

Steven Duplisea 12.09.2013 14:20

Lavrov &amp; Putin are demonstrating to Obama &amp; Kerry, what real diplomatic initiative means. I can't ever remember a Russian President reaching out to Americans with a direct communique Rise to the occasion! Sow peace, not war.


The image that most Americans have of "Russia" is really that of old Bolshevik Russia and the murderous oligarchy that ruled since 1919..Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, etal. Now, we need look no further than our own borders to see that this same fifth -column "lineage" sits in policymaking positions at the State Department.


SSD7 12.09.2013 15:41

Thank you, Pres Putin, and Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov! The world needs more great leaders like you!


thomas tobacco 12.09.2013 15:15

After Russia has vetoed and blocked any steps within UN for the last 2½ years, finally some progress seems to be made.


Ina 12.09.2013 14:57

Russia should include in the draft resolution disarmament of Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia etc so that whole of Middle East become Chemical Weapons free and also to stop the financial aid and weapon supply from US and its allies to the rebels. This is the only solution for permanent peace and stability in the Middle East.


E J 12.09.2013 13:46

If the terrorists are going to leave the country after Syria gives up the chemical weapons, that means they were sent by the US government. I really don't get how giving up CW is going to bring peace. In my opinion, it will bring war because Syria will be weak and easy to wife off the face of the earth.


Ed Camilo 12.09.2013 13:43

Nuclear winter looming on the Horizon? May reason prevail and the fascists drop dead!


another view 12.09.2013 12:40

The path to peace in Syria may start anywhere, anytime. If peace-lovers, then others should accept whoever leads the involved parties along this path. Further, Russia enjoys a sphere of influence, and it includes Syria. Hence, let others not falsely alarm themselves when Russia successfully takes the lead to disarm Syria of its chemical weapons with the consequence of removing another foreign military intervention in a Muslim civil war. Thank goodness the pseudo war justifications by outsiders and flawed humanitarian logic clouding the thoughts of politicians have now taken a back seat in favor of peacemaking.


JailBanksters 12.09.2013 12:37

So what Kerry is thinkin' in the Picture is:

Peace.. .I don't like the sound of that, if there's peace there'll be hel to pay and i'm shafted


Bill 12.09.2013 12:34

At Last Sergey Lavrov has got J. Kerry in a room sitting down... talk some sense into this petulant messanger for his masters
Way to go Vlad.

Pamwe Chete... Pamber ne Hondo

My soul floats in the waters of the Limpopo
My heart sings in the winds of Rhodesia
My Spirit flies with my dead brothers in arms
That fly and swirl above the ashes of Zimbabwe
Was it really worth it, mother Russia
To destroy such a place as Rodesia.


rogirl 12.09.2013 12:24

That grey thatch on the head of Kohn-Kerry never changes never a hair out of place on the parting that is iidentical in every photo. Smacks of being a wig to hide whats underneath, bald lies oops badness.


Steven Severn 12.09.2013 12:19

Peace is not on the US agenda. It has expended a lot of time, money and effort creating, fuelling and arming civil wars throughout the Middle East to further its own interests and that of israel. Any diplomatic solution to this present US-created 'crisis' will only be temporary and illusiory. Just like Stalin appeased Hitler in vain hope of a favourable outcome, contemporay Russia is appeasing the US.

There is US domination of Middle Eastern oil and future israelli land theft in Syria and Lebanon at stake here. Resolving a small false flag distraction like chemical weapon use will not alter this overall agenda.


rogirl 12.09.2013 12:17

Mr Lavrov you are wonderful and everyone appreciates your diplomatic efforts, but if an alcohoic likes drinking then how do you convince him to stop drinking and if the US likes going to war with foreign countries then how do you convince it to stop going to war with foreign countries.
In short the answer is you can't. You can only take away the resources to buy alcohol or the resources go to war. Just pull the plug on the US dollar Mr Lavrov, and presto the wold has peace again.


Tony 12.09.2013 11:45

John Kerry's real name is really zionist John Kohn. Obama/Biden/Kohn(Ker ry)/Bush Sr/Bush Jr./Bill and Hillary Clinton should be tried for HIGH TREASON against the United States for obeying a foreign country(Israel)!!!!

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