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Russia urges Syria hand over chemical weapons to intl control to avoid strike

09.09.2013 14:15

Russia has urged Syria to put its chemical weapons under international control for subsequent destruction to avert a possible military strike.

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Nige 10.09.2013 05:03

Perhaps the presidents of the major powers should visit the Syrian president for a round table talk.


karenj 10.09.2013 03:54

translated : surrender ! all attempts are futile. succumb to the new world order.


Victoria 10.09.2013 02:34

LisaAgnes 09.09.2013 20:19

Has American politics always been like this and I am just now starting to notice and pay attention? I fear this may be the truth.


You are entirely right, the US has been a force for evil ever since its inception.
But then evil has been in power for thousands of years across the globe, but the US is particularly evil since it is the only superpower & has all the economic power, the lying Zio MSM to spread their venal propaganda & deceive the sheeples into believing they are the 'good guys'.
US crimes are just too numerous, but 50 counties in 50ys been violated


earlybird 10.09.2013 02:25

To solve a problem is to find a solution acceptable to all. This only shows that the president's redline is not written in stone. At last reason prevails over stupidity. This gives the chance for the president to back down with honor. Lets just hope this calm holds and the enemies of this deal will not look for another pretext for war.


Freesaxon 09.09.2013 23:34

As for Putin, he has grown in influence and power over the last few years, as the UsofA has declined.
Its refreshing to see a different way of life is possible.


Freesaxon 09.09.2013 23:31

MEJanssen 09.09.2013 22:16 ........
Well it was the depleted uranium I was after for shell and bullet use, if you have 5 metric tonnes of that I will buy at the right price.
The drink `Sunny Delight’, though not as nasty as Agent Orange is pumped full of additives, and very useful for spontaneous riot organisation.


LisaAgnes 09.09.2013 22:51

MEJanssen 09.09.2013 22:29

@ LisaAgnes, yes I understand. I also got "enlightened&am p;amp;qu ot; a few years ago and it felt like a 2by4 whacking my head. You are now an international and political news junkie. And Putin is the rock star, but you don't have to put his poster up on the wall. 8^D


Hah... better this, than that. I like Putin a lot.


MEJanssen 09.09.2013 22:16

@ Freesaxon, USA has lots of agent orange. And we still have pallets of 10 yr old diet soda that acts like nerve toxin when it sits in the sun - almost as good as agent orange. We gotta move this stuff because we're short of funds. How much do you want? Today only, 2 for 1 special. We also got sarin, DU, mustard, and white phosphorus - oh, wait, we're short of white phosphorus 'cause we used most of it in Fallujah. But we can back-order that stuff. Just say the word . . .


Freesaxon 09.09.2013 20:39

Sarin, nerve gas etc. terrible weapons, but why so special ?
Violent, painful, lingering death can be, and still is, `offered’ in many forms .
The UsofA has killed 100s of thousands, millions over decades in the name of peace, alongside destabilising one country after another through covert actions. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
Putin type diplomacy is far better


Freesaxon 09.09.2013 20:32

As Britain has supplied Assad with ALL the necessary chemicals necessary to produce nerve gas, exact quantities should be known. Simple matter of a cash refund once a returns number has been generated. OK that’s done. Now lets rid Britain of those nasty Cluster bombs they used in the falklands war. Also quiz America in case it has any agent orange knocking about. But don’t forget to have a word with the `rebels’

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