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US-Russia reach landmark deal on destruction of Syria chemical weapons arsenal

14.09.2013 10:15

Russia and the United States reached a deal on a framework that will see the destruction or removal of Syria’s chemical weapons by mid- 2014. Under the plan, the Assad government has one week to hand over an inventory of its chemical weapons arsenal.

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Bob 22.09.2013 15:17

This is Obama's brinkmanship play. I hope the Russians don't get scared off again.


James Gragg 16.09.2013 19:24

I have strong misgivings about this one:
" He however said that deviations from the plan, including attacks on UN inspectors, would be brought to the UN Security Council, which would decide on further action."
Th e "problem here; Is that, who is going to be able to tell EXACTLY who might fire on those U.N. inspector teams? Syria in in the middle of a CIVIL WAR!
The "rebeals" are against this international "deal," beacuse they desire to comntinue to use chemical weapons and they have the PERFECT INCENTIVE to shot at those "inspectors.&qu ot; BECAUSE it would be a "FALSE FLAG," to which the Syrian government would be blamed.


SSD7 15.09.2013 20:49

The Russian plan states that Syria is willing to give up its nuclear weapons if-if-"if the USA promises not to strike Syria." If Syria complies, and USA strikes Syria anyway for some reason, the Russian plan should allow Syria to restock its nuclear weapons so that it can defend itself against Israel. (Watch out for a potential false flag: someone could hide nuclear weapons in Syria, blaming Assad, so that the USA can strike Syria anyway.)


Edgar Alvarez 15.09.2013 20:16

I'm glad some type of political solution was derived. Unfortunately, this only temporarily suspends the usage of these type of weapons. ALL countries need to take part in the restriction of it's usage, we cannot allow anyone to arbitrarily use chemical/biological weapons. This is inhumane, and detrimental to achieving a peaceful, civilized planet.


SourceKnown! 15.09.2013 13:59

This is good, as long as we have respect for each other and are looking to accomplish something lasting, then peace should be sought!

Tha t is not to say that we should become complacent, however those who have had power up until now! must be willing to share it in return for guarantees' of security and a say relative to their contribution.

It is time we cultivated a set of circumstances where we as a race can prosper. Humanity has a lot of trials and hardship ahead of it, if you do not start to come together and see yourselves as one people, you are finished!


Geoff King 15.09.2013 13:33

@Vitale: I see you evidently live to insult people. Although just as unintelligible as your previous posts, I see in your latest post that you tried to insult Commander by demoting him to captain. Take your infantile trolling elsewhere.


Geoff King 15.09.2013 13:13

I think the world should force Obama to hand his ill-gotten Nobel Peace Prize over to Putin.


Commander 15.09.2013 13:07

Ina 15.09.2013 09:39

Russia should have put one condition about the destruction of chemical weapon or handing over it to international control, that US and its allies must stop weapon supply to rebels who are killing innocent women and children in Syria.


Yo u make a very valid and good point, Ina. Part of the deal should have been a termination of Western arms shipments to the rebels.

Although Wahongton has been placed on its heels, the US will regroup and continue its instigation of regime change in Damascus.


Commander 15.09.2013 13:00

All the credit has to go to President Putin's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Russia's patience and level headed analyses of the Syrian crisis over the past couple of years has paid off. US President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry were boxed into a corner and now look like fools.


Geoff King 15.09.2013 12:59

Vitale 15.09.2013 12:54

So the hyped up super heavy weights on the outter are left without a cover title.

Cros s reference yourselves and beat back to CNN.

Quit riddling RT with your unfounded Mcdonald eating over weight waist line, blocked boweled fowel breathed toxic punch lines.


Wow. That makes even less sense than your last post. Wish I had the drugs you are on.


Geoff King 15.09.2013 12:43

Vitale 15.09.2013 12:27

As we the majority welcome you to your new awakening, we certainly are not gullible enough to follow your experience.
I recommend you do further research in expanding your new found knowledge prior to posting whist under the influence.

A Boozed up party shall confine it's self to just that.
A corrugated garage.
Chalk and Cheese are two different things.


If that is an attempt to insult me, try doing so in correct English. That makes absolutely no sense.


Geoff King 15.09.2013 12:37

The globalists own all the major weapons manufacturers. They also own the majority of US congressmen. They have sold trillions of dollars worth of weapons to the US. Naturally they want to see those weapons used so they can sell more. Since the US has the largest arsenal of weapons on the planet, they are being coerced into using them. After the US economy collapses (probably very soon) and can no longer afford all those weapons, the globalists will simply choose another country to arm and use to do their dirty work.


hakan akin 15.09.2013 12:21

This is not an end ,just start of a new tactic for US,no matter what,they will find a way to invade Syria,its not about chemical weapons,its about Armageddon and the Bible;crazy evangelists plus Israel which trys to gather Holly Lands...And our PM Erdogan acts like pure puppet to obey his masters;USrael !!!


Geoff King 15.09.2013 11:53

Of course the mainstream media calls Alex Jones of Infowars a conspiracy theory wacko, yet almost every story he breaks has to be eventually picked up and reported by them because they are true.


Geoff King 15.09.2013 11:48

I recommend that everyone checks out the real news stories at Infowars and similar sites while they still exist.


Geoff King 15.09.2013 11:45

The only media the globalists do not own are the few alternate internet sources like Infowars, and they are working very hard right now to put them under their control or simply eliminate them in any way they can.


Geoff King 15.09.2013 11:39

Like it or not, the entire planet is controlled and pretty much owned by around 6000 elites. These are the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and a few others. This is their game and we are their pawns.

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