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Hysteria around chemical attack suits those who want military intervention in Syria - Lavrov

26.08.2013 11:43

Following last week’s chemical attack, the West has engineered a media campaign to facilitate a military incursion, says Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The minister also cast doubts on the veracity of US and European claims about the incident.

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Tony Clifton 08.09.2013 18:19

Rob Fleck 26.08.2013 23:45

The US can bomb Syria like it did Bosnia and stop the killing. How quick you people forget how the US, Britain and NATO stopped the massacre of Muslims in Bosnia. So history will repeat itself and we will be victorious again


Wr ong, again! You've been duped again by the CNN/C-SPAN/Christian ne Ampour- tainted view of that conflict. Check out John Pilger for the TRUTH of Serbia and the false claims by the US media moguls. Guess which theocratic state--it has no defined borders-- set up an organ-trafficking cabal after the fall of Serbia.


Libya West 05.09.2013 20:23

Simply speaking, the us is a war"ho".


eslaporte 01.09.2013 00:08

This sounds a lot like Kosovo, 1999 ...


Donald T.M. 28.08.2013 00:45

Russia needs to have more agressive stance just like North Korea because that´s the language the US understands. If Russia contunues with diplomacy all the time, will lose their strategic ally Syria in Middle East. Russia, please stop this soft talk!!!


William 27.08.2013 22:08

I too am Canadian and a veteran and fully share your sentiments. The hypocrisy of the West is so shamefully transparent that one wonders how these so-called leaders of ours can look themselves in the mirror.


Glenn Cookinham 27.08.2013 21:45

WHY can't China or India ever help with LONG TERM peace. China, you have a massive army, why can't you communicate with Russia and help with a plan. (Help the United States pass GLASS STEAGALL please. In a peaceful way.) The President has no reason to bomb Syria, unless there is a long term plan which Russia and China can help in someway. Obama, Start with the end in mind!!! Everyone pray for peace.

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