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42 killed, more than 350 injured in twin explosions in Tripoli, Lebanon

23.08.2013 10:50

Two simultaneous explosions have rocked the Lebanese city of Tripoli, killing up to 42 people and injuring 358.

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mickfromcork 24.08.2013 04:00

'logical-american' HYPOCRYTICAL AMERICAN this is a sad progression of the Israeli war of expansion in the Middle East. Hezbollah are defending Syria to defend Lebanon and all peaceful people. I pray for them and their victory.
The worst part is this was preventable if the UNSC was able to act early but unfortunately we know the US veto-politics stopped that, not Russia but the Israeli supporting US. The Syrians are not arguing but rather, they are attempting with Hezbollah and other fighters to destroy the Israeli and US backed Takfiri militants. The spirit of the martyrs like Terence McSwiney is with us always


Commander 24.08.2013 01:17


I greatly appreciate your response. I do enjoy reading your comments, so keep them coming.


Jester 23.08.2013 23:56

Well, Commander indeed Clark did make that comment on the show referenced, I found the actual interview... I'm not sure what to make of his invasion reference however since prior to that he had been sacked by Sec. Of Defense Cohen, did not see the actual memo and did not divulge the source. In fact he quite likely had a bone to pick with the powers that be. Essentially what he said is unsubstantiated. I will give you this he did say it...Perle's interview I could not find. What I did find however was the fact that Perle was brought over to Libya by the Colonel to help improve his and his country's image around 2005-7.


hicham yasmine 23.08.2013 21:14

I respectfully disagree, the biggest source of division nowadays is the intransigence of theology-based parties in Middle East. As to Richard pearl, the majority of Americans never agreed with his ideologies even more so when everybody saw his "preventive war doctrine" that he relentlessly pushed on bush with the help of Paul Wolfowitz went bust.


Commander 23.08.2013 20:37

hicham yasmine 23.08.2013 19:40

Why would Israel do this when they can airdrop it at will,in plain sight anytime they wish, unopposed.


Israel, and its motherland the United States, would like to instigate division in Lebanon by stirring the pot a bit. It's the good olde divide and conquer scheme, like in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria.


Commander 23.08.2013 20:22


Wesl ey Clark, "92 Street Exclusive Live Interview", interview by Amy Goodwin,DEMOCRACY NOW! March 2, 2007.

Richa rd Perle, "Diplomatic Immunity", interview on TV Ontario (Publicly funded network) 2002. You may writeTVO for a transcript.

Americans must stop getting their information about current events from "ET" and their history lessons from Hollywood movies.


hicham yasmine 23.08.2013 19:40

Why would Israel do this when they can airdrop it at will,in plain sight anytime they wish, unopposed. This escalations was warranted when Iran's proxies in Lebanon got involved, against the will of a lot of Lebanese, in Syria. This attaks have one thing in common: the target. Like the local saying goes: a harm toward others is a postponed harm toward oneself. Time to put responsibility where it lies because scapegoating the same traditional bogeymen is getting too old.


Jester 23.08.2013 19:26


Show me the links to these statements you say were made, proof means evidence, not Bovine Scatology. If as you say the US intends to divide and conquer these countries. I doubt very much that Clark and Pearle would give away the plan. Time for you to use your common sense. This a bunch of conspiracy theory nonsense and completely meaningless.


Commander 23.08.2013 19:00

On TV Ontario's "Diplomatic Immunity" program, Pentagon advisor Richard Perle said that after Afghanistan the US was planning to go to war with Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.


Commander 23.08.2013 18:56

Wesley Clark, the former Supreme Commander of NATO, put it this way: "We're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, and finishing off, Iran."


Commander 23.08.2013 18:46

Jester 23.08.2013 18:30

CIA/ Mossad involvement? Proof Please!


Ju st use your common sense. The American Empire always divides a nation before it conquers. That's if Washington can't gain control through bribery, sanctions, or outright threats. Now they'd no reason to be alarmed or upset, because all empires down through history have worked in this fashion.


Jester 23.08.2013 18:30

CIA/ Mossad involvement? Proof Please!

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