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The Guardian: Downing St. involved in 'Snowden materials' destruction order

20.08.2013 11:19

A “very senior government official” acting on behalf of Britain’s prime minister demanded the return or destruction of files leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, the Guardian’s editor Alan Rusbridger told the BBC.

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Carlos 21.08.2013 07:37

P S Ramakrishna 21.08.2013 02:56

Is the present dispensation in UK fascist?


If it isn't openly fascist yet it would seem that is definitely heading in that direction. The Uk is following Americas lead in rebranding criticism or exposing criminal activities by journalists as terrorism. I'm actually thankful that there is the counterweight of Russia and China to US imperialism otherwise the advance of fascism would be more rapid.


Carlos 21.08.2013 07:08

[quote name='Lion' time='20.08.2013 21:06']rubies70 - you are so right!!! British hypocracy as usual. Carlsos would be more happier by enjoying Siberian healthy air and all sticks in his as.

[/quote ]

Being South American and given the experience we have had of the US of Pendejos I would rather trust a Russian than you Anglo Boys.


P S Ramakrishna 21.08.2013 02:56

Is the present dispensation in UK fascist?


Sergio Michilini 21.08.2013 01:47

True...US/UK & Israel trolls want to muck up RT's free-wheeling & vibrant comment section, not with opposing comments but with human controlled 'cut & paste' spam. This is a political, targeted exercise to push comments often critical of these three powers & their policies, off to the sidelines.


Roxy Chick 20.08.2013 23:22

This was an abuse of the uk police and the uk government who without good reaason held Miranda in detention for 9 hours. The uk and us have been preaching to the world about democracy and human rights yet are probably working together to massacre several thousands in the middle east probably all signed sealed and delivered by the crown herself! I wonder who the uk and us have been spying on and what intelligence material they have been using ie satellites, internet, spy planes etc. The Russians have negotiated all this from Snowden hence giving him 1 year asylum and for that I applaud Putin good man!


DJM 20.08.2013 23:05

The main issue which should be remembered, whatever other issues are raised, is that this detention was made under legislation which is supposed to be combating terrorism. There is NO version of the detention of Miranda, based on the known facts, which allow any reasonable person to conclude anything other than that this was an abuse of power by the British State.
Are Miranda, Greenwald or Snowden terrorists or aiding terrorists? Only if exposing Governmental wrongdoing is regarded as "aiding terrorism" - if we are in a world where this IS believed then we have, unnoticed, moved into an era of totalitarianism.


DJM 20.08.2013 22:51

Minh Ng 20.08.2013 19:53

Oh yes, at the end Glenn and his husband kiss each other for their success in front of Putin, then they both go to jail.


But for this scenario to be true, being gay would have to be a crime in Russia - which it isn't.

Fact s are cool I've found and you might like them too :)


Tahoe, Olympia 20.08.2013 22:14

I still don't get how exposing government crimes is
terrorism. The rational is confusing at best.
Espionage? Maybe.
Prior Russian attachment suggested?
He didn't blow anything up.
Stop using that reference. Doesn't fit.


mary 20.08.2013 21:35

it shouldn't matter what greenwald's sexual preference is, the man has more integrity than all the american and british politicians put together.


mary 20.08.2013 21:33

first of all the puppets in downing street are useless and incapable of making any decisions beyond what they are having for lunch, this has the US administration prints all over it. secondly it was obviously done purely for intimidation purposes. it really is a shame how low british politicians have stooped to please their masters.

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