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Clashes between residents and militia leave dozens dead, hundreds injured in Libyan capital (VIDEO)

15.11.2013 17:13

Libya’s prime minister has demanded that all armed militias leave Tripoli "without exception," after clashes between militiamen and armed residents left dozens dead and almost 400 wounded.

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Hanonymouse 16.11.2013 15:51

Good to see that Libya is enjoying it's NATO-enabled freedom and democracy.


Malcolm Jackson 16.11.2013 12:02

The joy of Islam, the cult of peace. Coming to a town near you soon.


LILLAN EVAT 16.11.2013 10:09

What gives these evil western countries the immoral right to decide what kind of governments other nations can have? Who gave them the right to decide what freedom is to other people when their own people suffer under the burden of ignorance, and have had their freedoms and human rights taken away from them through immoral laws like the Patriot Act?


LILLAN EVAT 16.11.2013 10:02

Qaddafi was highly respected and loved by the vast majority of Libyans, Arabs and Africans. He was a great and kind man, not selfish at all like some Arab dictators who worship America. Libyans have already regretted his assassination.


Geoff King 16.11.2013 09:57

'According to a Reuters report, the militia fired an anti-aircraft cannon into the crowd'........gee, could that possibly have been one of the 400 surface to air missiles that Obama turned over to them in the fake raid on the embassy in Benghazi? Once again, the real enemy to the people of Libya lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.


LILLAN EVAT 16.11.2013 09:56

Do the ignorant Americans believe that the people of Libya feel happier and better off than they were under Qaddafi?


LILLAN EVAT 16.11.2013 09:51

The FUKUS plus Israel axis of evil will pay very dearly very soon for their greed, arrogance and destruction of peaceful nations.


b 16.11.2013 09:28

another sad case indeed of western ethnic cleansing of muslims and brown people around the world...i guess not much has changed since colonial masters turned up in 'foreign' lands to take control of the resources etc and divide people in every way they could and leave them in poverty, raped, pillaged and in chaos......i fail to see how the world will ever see peace this way :(


roslan 16.11.2013 07:52

My comment after Colonel passed away was Libya is a gone case. Sukant Chandran said it is like wild wild west. The strongest militia group will rule, how to unite so many tribes of militias with different aims and objectives. It is all about money that buys power. Very sad Libya history.


little one 16.11.2013 06:06

Devil always moves to make situation according it suits & then take control for its endless gain.


little one 16.11.2013 04:14

In name of national security all foreign intervening in other states are killer of humanity & spreading of terrorism by destroying their delicate living culture.


Commander 15.11.2013 22:48

The blood flows in Libya and so does the oil. The Western instigated democratic system keeps the people divided and the oil flowing. It's all proceeding according to Washington's plan.


Christian Härtelt 15.11.2013 21:22

Thank the U.S. for that. My heart is bleeding when I look at the current situation in Northern Africa and the Middle East.


Dimitri 15.11.2013 21:17

Libya is experiencing a "Constitution Crisis". Sharia law is not working, because probably different rebel groups have different copies of "Quran".


groingo 15.11.2013 20:10

And the West will save you from ruling Tyrants..."How' s that workin for ya"?
Like Afghanistan, Iraq, South Africa and all the other US led Western FAILURES!


Sonny 15.11.2013 20:07

American democracy showing real face!


Sonny 15.11.2013 20:05

SasiskaFest 15.11.2013 20:03

wow you manage to bring Israel into this? what's next monkeys throwing grenades?


Is rael has started all these wars in the middle east, dont try to defend them because we know who are you!!!!


SasiskaFest 15.11.2013 20:03

andrew 15.11.2013 19:23

"good luck suckers"? how compassionate. the United States of Saudi Isrealia assassinated gaddafi...not the libyans. john mccain stood shoulder to shoulder with al-quaeda (freedom fighters) after they invaded (liberated) libya. and they (USSI) are doing the same thing in syria. have you heard ANYTHING about "the people" protesting the government in Bahrain? exactly...i wonder why that "uprising" is off the radar


wow you manage to bring Israel into this? what's next monkeys throwing grenades?


Maria Sheild 15.11.2013 18:51

You really thought you got rid of a dicator? You reap what you sow. Now you have to deal with thugs and mercenaries that got ahold of weapons. Yes, Gaddafi was a dicator but at least he was providing stability in the region. Good luck suckers!

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