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19 November, 2012


At least 6 injured in Cairo clashes

­At least three policemen and three protesters have been injured in clashes in Egypt’s Tahrir square, MENA news agency reports. The violence erupted after protesters tried to overturn a barrier on Mohammed Mahmud Street. Around 50 political parties and movements took part in the event. They are outraged, that a year after the uprising, no police officers have been held accountable for violence against the revolutionaries who demanded the army transfer power to a civilian government. At least 45 people died in 2011, in what came to be known as the uprising on Mohammed Mahmud street.


UN to move non-essential staff out of eastern Congo as M23 rebels advance

M23 rebels, also known as the Congolese Revolutionary Army, have advanced to within a few kilometers of the eastern Congolese city of Goma, as the Democratic Republic of Congo’s government rejected calls by the rebels to negotiate. The rebels had given government troops 24 hours to withdraw from the city. DR Congo’s government has said that Rwanda is arming the rebels and will only negotiate with them, a charge Rwanda denies.


18 dead in Indian Hindu festival stampede

At least 18 people have been killed and more than a dozen injured after a stampede at a Hindu temple in India, police said. The Stampede occurred when a makeshift bridge over the river collapsed under the weight of worshipers rushing to offer prayers to the setting sun as part of an annual Hindu religious ritual. "Ten women and eight children are among those killed," a local police officer told AP, adding the death toll was likely to increase as several other Hindu devotees have been reported missing.


FARC announces ceasefire with Colombian government

The top negotiator for the Revolutionary armed Forces of Columbia has said they are stopping all military operations and acts of sabotage against the government from midnight Monday until January 1st 2013. The announcement comes as peace talks get underway in Havana. The FARC have been at war with the Columbian government for almost half a century and both sides want a successful outcome in months and not years. Land reform, which has been at the heart of the conflict, is at the top of the agenda.


Israel denies Netanyahu asked for truce with Hamas

­Hamas’ claim about a ceasefire with Israel is false, a senior Israeli government official said. The conflict between Israel and Hamas became escalated five days ago. Since then Palestinian militants have been shelling the Israeli territory and the IDF has been bombarding different objects in the Gaza Strip. At least 95 Palestinians have been killed and hundreds injured.


Turkey to hold talks with the Kurdish militants

­Turkish Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin says the place and time of the talks with the Kurdish militants has not been agreed.  On Saturday hundreds of Kurdish militants ended a 68-day hunger strike. They want greater Kurdish rights and better prison conditions for PKK party leader Abdullah Ocalan who is serving a life sentence.


Meshaal blames Netanyahu for killings, predicts failure at elections

­Hamas political leader Khaled Meshaal accused Netanyahu of becoming thirsty for “killings” of Palestinians ahead of the elections, predicting the PM will lose the elections. Hamas leader also said that Israel’s talk about a ground operation is bluff. “Now he [Netanyahu] is brandishing to pressure regional players to pressure Hamas, if he wished to launch it, he would have done it.” Meshaal said at a press conference in Cairo. He also expressed gratitude to all the media organizations operating in Gaza for “carrying truth.” The press conference took place shortly after the media center in Gaza was hit by an Israeli strike for the second time.


Brussels plans for a long-term European budget without Britain

Prior to the EU summit an “alternative” budget is being discussed in Brussels, because of the increasing isolationism of the UK. Britain is pressing for a real freeze in the EU’s budget for 2012-2014. According to reports EU officials have started to work on how to manage in legal and technical terms without the UK. An alternative budget would be done on an annual basis which requires a qualified majority of votes.


Russian President approves Kalashnikov merger

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given the go ahead to the merger between the country’s leading rifle maker Izhmekh and Izhmash, the producer of the famous AK-47. The two could be merged into the state Rostekhnologii corporation under the brand name Kalashnikov. The merger will help the companies fill holes in their order books, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. The deal is also aimed at saving the facilities in Izhevsk, one of Russia’s biggest industrial cities in Urals, where the companies are located.


At least 3 killed, several injured by car crashing into bus stop in Moscow

­At least three people have died at the scene and several have been injured after a car crashed into a bus stop in northern Moscow. According to media reports, the Honda CRV hit people waiting for a bus and then rammed into power pole. The driver – a woman aged 25 - was trapped in the car. The rescue team came to the place of accident together with the helicopter to take the injured to hospital.  It is still unclear what caused the driver to crash into the bus stop. The site is near the scene of a similar accident, when a car driven by intoxicated person crashed into another bus stop, injuring a woman.


US soldier accused of killing 5 comrades in Iraq could get death penalty

­A US soldier accused of going on a shooting spree at Camp Liberty near the Baghdad airport in an assault in 2009 will face an arraignment at a military base in Washington State on Monday. Sergeant John Russell faces five charges of premeditated murder, one charge of aggravated assault and one charge of attempted murder in connection with the May 2009 shootings. Six months ago, he was ordered to stand trial in a military court empowered to assign the death penalty if convicted.


World Bank warns of 4.0 degree temperature rise by 2100

A World Bank-commissioned report says the world is headed for a 4.0 degree Celsius rise in world temperatures by the end of the century – compared to pre-industrial levels – unless it took on a renewed commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "Lack of ambitious action on climate change threatens to put prosperity out of reach of millions and roll back decades of development," said World Bank President Jim Yong Kim at its unveiling. The report says that even if all current climate change reduction promises are fulfilled there is a 20 percent chance that the four degree rise would still occur.


Soyuz TMA-05M crew lands safely in Kazakhstan

A three-man crew has returned unscathed from the International Space Station (ISS) after their craft landed in the steppe of Kazakhstan. The landing location was shifted by 35 kilometers after the parachute release on the craft was mistimed. ISS expedition 32 and 33 members Suni Williams from the US, Aki Hoshide from Japan, and Yuri Malenchenko from Russia lifted off from Baikonur Cosmodrome in July aboard the same TMA-05M craft. Only three crew members remain on the ISS until they are joined by the new mission in late December.