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‘Free from imperial persecution’: Three Latin American countries offer shelter to Edward Snowden

06.07.2013 00:54

Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela have indicated that they could give asylum to the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. It comes in the wake of the UNASUR summit, where Latin American leaders slammed EU ‘imperial’ skyjack of President Morales’ plane.

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Julie Cristina 17.02.2014 16:09

@Anonymous User, you really don't have to make a hundred posts of silly commentaries. If you have a coherent Idea, you can post it in one or a few comments. Also, if you are really from the US.
Your grammar and spelling isn't that good for someone whose native language is english...

Anonymous user 12.07.2013 15:12

Russia has agreed to Snowden's asylum request and has Magnitsky suite at Butyrka ready for him now!

Anonymous user 09.07.2013 00:16

At least our people dare to speak out. When was the last time a Russian did so against his nation?

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 17:01

can't believe the world cowers to the US like little girls. courage is in short supply indeed

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 09:15

Can't tell you how snowshoes but you will be home by Friday. I can't wait to sell you off in prison.

Anonymous user 08.07.2013 04:21

A life in Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba or in a Mississippi prison? Not much difference.

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 22:48

My guess is he will be transported via intrnation water on board a Russian nuclear sub!

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 22:13

From now let's only vote for ppl from mdl class if not de poor! De only way to save de world.

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 21:59

Much of de world leadrs fears de wrath of US more thn God nd Putin is no exception!


Dwain Meyer 07.07.2013 21:01

What great choices. Hot and cold running dysentery 24/7.

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 19:58

EVO now knows how we feel, unrepresented powerless against tyranny

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 19:42

all this NSA stuff is based just on the unreliable opinion of a disgruntled government worker

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 19:37

We lose time classif rethorics as boisterous when there is so much of substance on what was said...

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 17:33

Russia is hopeless and useless country, it cant even issue Snowden a propper travel document.

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 17:26

morales took all the lefties for suckers, they beleived his lies about the landing rights

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