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Maidan protesters announce line-up of Ukrainian Cabinet, propose Yatsenyuk for PM

26.02.2014 18:34

Protesters in Kiev’s Maidan have announced a new government line-up and asked parliament to approve the candidatures. The Verkhovna Rada is expected to vote on the new cabinet members on Thursday.

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fran7 27.02.2014 13:50

Ukraine must be nuts to want anything at all to do with EU which is a sinking ship full of holes and overpaid Brainless bureaucrats' who have no idea of how the real world works.
Thank goodness the UK will soon have a referendum to get out of this EU madness.
Russia is a rich and powerful country and Ukraine would be better to seek help from Mr Putin who is a strong and competent leader with integrity and common sense.
The so called opposition are idiots if they think the EU or USA care anything about them as they are nothing but trouble makers whose business is chaos which leads to hardship death and destruction.


Bigger Not-Better 27.02.2014 11:52

I am not blaming Russia, the EU or the US individually as I think they all had a part in it. When I look at the luxurious homes and cars Yanukovich amassed whilst in power it makes me sick. The country was struggling with debt yet he managed to live like a king! He does not deserve to lead anyone. He should sit with the President of Uruguay José Alberto "Pepe" Mujica and see what it like to work for your people- Actually, I would recommend that to all President, Prime Ministers in the world.


Bigger Not-Better 27.02.2014 11:51

He may be elected, yet now deposed, Whilst it is not nice seeing this happen anywhere in the world, it rings so true for the after details that emerge from many leaders who have gone through the same thing.


Theo 27.02.2014 11:48

Elina, I agree with you. How can there be a new government without legal elections?


Michael Myers 27.02.2014 11:04

Freesaxon 27.02.2014 09:39

Therefor e Russia & the ultra-Nationalists, interests are the same.


The Holodomor until today has not been investigated by Russia, the murderers of millions of Ukrainians are even celebrated by Putin's stupid Red Army as liberator propaganda.
How could Ukrainians ever cooperate with a Russia, that hails the Bolshevik genocide against the Christians, Goyim, cattle?
Putin played the Red Army card to support Russian patriotism against the NWO. Good intention, bad method, because true peace between nations is only possible based on TRUTH not propaganda lies.


Michael Myers 27.02.2014 10:48

Multiculturalism and how it always ends. This is a result of Putin's politics allying with the Bolshevik lies about the Red Army as liberator. While Putin fights the NWO and also the Ukrainians do not want it, it was clear, that the West will support Ukrainian patriotism to get the Russians out.
Putin's huge mistake was, to ally with the Bolshevik lies and to ally with Israel and the Holohoax. No Russia is earning the fruits for allying with the enemy of ALL nations.
It's a tragedy, because not only the Russians are losing, but also the Ukrainians soon will have a ZOG controlled by the European NWO organization EUSSR.


Elina 27.02.2014 10:34

The currently elected President Yanukovich has issued the declaration in which he stated that he has NOT resigned. The President declared all the actions that are being taken in the Verkhovna Rada to be illegitimate. The President stated that the Agreement signed on the February 21 between the Western representatives and the Opposition on the settlement of the crisis has not been implemented.


Elina 27.02.2014 10:34

The fascists extremists, militants and terrorists of the Euromaidan Parliament [i.e. the Kiev fascist mob] executed a neo-Nazi coup using armed force. Decisions made by the Parliament / the Verkhovna Rada in the absence of many members of the faction "Party of Regions" and other factions who fear for their safety, and some were subjected to physical violence and forced to leave the territory of Ukraine, are illegal.


Elina 27.02.2014 10:18

They used a Nazi coup, carried out by the insurgents, terrorists and politicians of Euromaidan to serve the geopolitical interests of the West.
Statement of Natalia Vitrenko of The Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine


Elina 27.02.2014 10:17

On February 22, militants and terrorists of the Euromaidan Parliament [i.e. the Kiev fascist mob] executed a neo-Nazi coup using armed force.
Violating all norms of the Constitution, international law, and trampling European values, Parliament exceeded its authority and committed criminal acts. Washington and Brusselswho told the world and all mankind that Euromaidan is a nonviolent action of the Ukrainian people, to make a European choice and protect democracy and European valuesshould now honestly admit that the Ukrainian people got nothing.


Steven Severn 27.02.2014 10:12

US/EU instigated civil unrest in Ukraine and particularly in Crimea is designed to provoke a military intervention from Russia. This will allow the West to create a cold war and isolate Russia. Next, the same tactic will be used against China, probably using the islands conflict with Japan. Cold war with China as a barrier to accessing Western markets will sabotage China's economic growth.

The US then remains the biggest fish in a Western-only pond instead of being overtaken by China.

The West desperately needs a cold war and will not stop provoking until it has one. A very hot war is the only antidote...


Freesaxon 27.02.2014 09:39

Prior to this armed rioting those in favour of more EU contact were split almost 50/50.

Human nature being what it is, if its perceived that this armed uprising is a `good thing’ then that MAY sway people into `going with the flow’ and be more pro EU.

With obvious anti-Russian feeling tied in, it could make matters worse.
However I can’t see that the so called ultra-Nationalists would want to join the EU, so there vote might be a deciding one.
Therefore Russia & the ultra-Nationalists, interests are the same.
The old Arab saying goes my enemies enemy is my friend.

Lets hope both sides keep that in mind.


Uncle Bob 27.02.2014 09:07

So the largest party in the country is excluded.But a neo-nazi is offered a spot in the cabinet.And they actually want people to believe they are democratic.


Dartagnan 27.02.2014 07:58

Our medias have prepared for us a nice fairy tale : once upon a time there was in a distant and imaginary kingdom called Ukrainia a bloodthirsty king elected by the majority of people. Some nice little democrats decided to topple him from power and to install a genuine power of the people. For that they assembled all the people of Ukraina on the Maidan and let them choose their goverment by shouting. Oceania and Liberty, two old hag declared that the choice of the people was good. Without delay, the new popular governement of fairyland implemented unpopular measures. End of the fairy tale.

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